Brown Bag It Recipes—Cooking in a Brown Paper Bag

A few days ago I was sleuthing around over at 100 Days of Real Food and read her article on different whole food snack ideas. In this list was popcorn with a link on how to cook it in a paper bag. I tried it. It worked wonderfully, and I’ve been eating way too much popcorn this week. But I know exactly what is in it. I just melt a little butter and throw in some salt, and shake, shake, shake, senora! and voila—delicious, fresh popcorn, radiated right here in my very own home. Gotta love technology.

Then somewhere else along the way I stumbled across the fact that you can microwave a potato in a brown paper bag to have you a 5-minute baked potato. Works like a charm!

So then this post was born. Enjoy these great “en papillote” recipes.

{en papillote (ahn pah-pee-yoa or ohn pa-pee-YOTE) – A French word meaning “in a paper bag.” En papilotte is a cooking process that cooks foods in their own juices in a bag (sealing foods to cook in their own juices, rather than adding water as in steaming, re-enforces flavors rather than diluting them). Traditionally the food is enclosed with parchment paper, but today is also cooked enclosed in aluminum-foil bags. Pastry is also used in the same way, such as pasties. The bag is slit open tableside so that the diner can enjoy the escaping aroma.}

How to Microwave Gourmet Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag

How to Cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag

How to Bake a Potato in a Brown Paper Bag (IN THE OVEN)


Steamed Asparagus in Paper Bag (OVEN)

Apple Pie in a Brown Paper Bag (OVEN)

Kidd’s Famous Brown Bag Turkey Recipe (OVEN)

Do you have a “en papillote” recipe to add? I would love to increase my skills.

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