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Nine years ago (2003), my husband and I quit relying on each other to keep our marriage together and started relying on God.  Wow!  What a change!  That was nine years ago, and now we are bearing bigger fruit as we begin a ministry of our own.

After working in security with the Texas prison system for six years, and spending two nights a week as a volunteer chaplain for the last two years, my husband is now a full-time chaplain as of July 1st, 2011.   We are selling our “forever” home, giving away or selling most of our possessions, and moving three hours’ away.  Now that all of my friends and family are about to be miles behind us, I figured I should start a blog,  so that I have an outlet for this roller-coaster ride of emotions.

**Update**  We sold our home within six weeks of having it on the market, and we were able to get what we wanted for it.  And we sold it to a nice young Christian couple, which is important to me.  God is great!  We have since bought a good, used 40-foot 2009 fifth wheel that we are now living in full time.  It has two bedrooms, a full bath, a full kitchen, and a whirlpool washer and dryer.  God provides!  Oh, and we were able to pay cash for a 2000 Ford F250 Diesel to pull it with.

This blog will cover a range of topics, so buckle up, keep your arms in the air, and your feet on the Rock as you travel with me in my journey of becoming a minister’s wife.

9, 4, and 12

Our Three Children


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Melinda, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am always excited to see new faces as well as old. After reading your About Me I thought you might be interested in today’s devotional by Dr. David Jeremiah at Turning Point http://www.davidjeremiah.org/site/. Today’s devotional speaks to the ministry of marriage and serving one another and God. Looking forward to learning more over time about you, your interests and family. Blessings, Jeanne

    • I love David Jeremiah. Back when I worked outside of the home, I had to drive over an hour to work each way. I used that time to fill up on Christian talk radio. Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, and David Jeremiah were three of my faves! Ahhh….I miss that quiet time in the car. : ) But I don’t miss all that went with it–getting up at 5:30, working for “The Man”, traffic, wear and tear on the vehicle, frozen pizza for dinner most nights, etc.

      I will definitely link in to his site today!

      And I loved your posts about the eagles. There’s a message in there (about not getting their white hair until later in life). I feel it coming on : )

  2. I just want you to know that I’m crying now… they may be tears of joy for all the wonderful things that God is doing for y’all but also because I will miss y’all 3 hours is sounding like a lot when a Godly woman i look up to is leaving… You and Jimmy are what I think Tony and I will become… I will miss you both SOO much!!

    • It is going to be very difficult leaving our Athens church family. It is a very special church with some very special people in it–like you! God will give you the desires of your heart if it is in line with His will. And I happen to know that it is His will for you and Tony to be a testimony for Him and His kingdom. Thank you for the kind words. Even though I strive to be godly, I feel so far from that, so I really appreciate your saying that. Love you!

  3. Wishing you many blessings on your journey. We too were transplanted, from south Florida to Sherman, Tx 9 yrs ago by Jesus Himself! It was/still is very hard being so far away from family, but God is good! My hubby now pastors a small, but fabulous, congregation. One of our ladies has just started visiting the county jail and we will begin the Celebrate Recovery program at church on January 13th. Even though there have been many trying times, God continues to bless the church and I know if we are plyable clay He will create something amazingly beautiful for His glory!

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