50+ Soup Recipes

As I was looking at my poor little pantry last night, I thought, “I need to add some soups to our meal times, especially this month.”  Thankfully, Jill at Blessed Beyond a Doubt has been working her little fingers to the ham bone putting together a list of 50+ Soup Recipes.  Where to start?

Click here to find a soup that fits your style.  And she has them all organized, too, cuz she’s cool like that.


soup 50+ Soup Recipes and Challenge!


Brown Bag It Recipes—Cooking in a Brown Paper Bag

A few days ago I was sleuthing around over at 100 Days of Real Food and read her article on different whole food snack ideas. In this list was popcorn with a link on how to cook it in a paper bag. I tried it. It worked wonderfully, and I’ve been eating way too much popcorn this week. But I know exactly what is in it. I just melt a little butter and throw in some salt, and shake, shake, shake, senora! and voila—delicious, fresh popcorn, radiated right here in my very own home. Gotta love technology.

Then somewhere else along the way I stumbled across the fact that you can microwave a potato in a brown paper bag to have you a 5-minute baked potato. Works like a charm!

So then this post was born. Enjoy these great “en papillote” recipes.

{en papillote (ahn pah-pee-yoa or ohn pa-pee-YOTE) – A French word meaning “in a paper bag.” En papilotte is a cooking process that cooks foods in their own juices in a bag (sealing foods to cook in their own juices, rather than adding water as in steaming, re-enforces flavors rather than diluting them). Traditionally the food is enclosed with parchment paper, but today is also cooked enclosed in aluminum-foil bags. Pastry is also used in the same way, such as pasties. The bag is slit open tableside so that the diner can enjoy the escaping aroma.}

How to Microwave Gourmet Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag

How to Cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag

How to Bake a Potato in a Brown Paper Bag (IN THE OVEN)


Steamed Asparagus in Paper Bag (OVEN)

Apple Pie in a Brown Paper Bag (OVEN)

Kidd’s Famous Brown Bag Turkey Recipe (OVEN)

Do you have a “en papillote” recipe to add? I would love to increase my skills.

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Angry Bird Pizza Tutorial and a “Kids Can” lesson

I saw the Angry Bird Pizza floating around FB last week. Even though I have never played Angry Birds, I knew that the kids would love this pizza. They love pizza. How much more so in the style of the red, angry bird?

Our church has a children’s program each Wednesday night. The name of our children’s program is “Kids Can”. Each week has a different theme.

Kids Can Listen (story)

Kids Can Craft

Kids Can Sing

Kids Can Serve

I lead the Kids Can Craft, which has been involving food lately. Every kids program involves food, so I just make mine the center of attention. Instead of having the snack take away from our time, I incorporate it.

So I tied in an object lesson with the Angry Bird pizza.

Angry Bird Pizza Ingredients

  • I didn’t want to take the time to make my own pizza dough, so I picked up a package of 2 Mama Mia crusts ($3.50).
  • Every couple of weeks or so I make my own pizza sauce, so I poured out a cup and a half of that (or 2 ½ if you want to follow my “in retrospect” below), which is enough for both pizzas. If you buy your own, I think it’s a dollar ($1).
  • I bought a long stick of pepperoni. The pre-sliced pepperoni is twice as much money. Just make sure to cut the skin off the pepperoni stick before you cut it into slices. One stick did both pizzas. ($5.50)
  • 1 slice of American cheese or a block of cheddar cheese that you can cut from. ($2 for the whole package)
  • 4 cups of Mozzarella cheese. ($5)
  • 2 slices of white cheese or a block of white cheese that you can cut from. ($2 for the whole package)
  • small can of black olives ($1)
  • vegetable or olive oil (spray or bottled)
  • So if you have to buy every single ingredient at one time, be prepared to spend $20, which will make TWO pizzas.

Angry Bird Pizza Directions

  • Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  • You will need approximately 50 slices of pepperoni per pizza, so get to slicing while your oven is preheating. (half a stick per pizza)
  • If you are using prepackaged, ready-to-decorate pizza crust, then you will need to cut two notches out of the top for the hair of the bird. If you are making your own or if you bought pizza dough in the refrigerator section, then stretch out two notches for the hair.
  • Put the pizza dough on your selected pan and either spray or brush with oil.
  • Pour ¾ cup of pizza sauce in the middle of the pizza and spread over the crust. (In retrospect, I would probably have added more pizza sauce on top of the cheese that was going to be covered in pepperoni, which would have taken another half a cup. So if you want to do that, then 1 ¼ cup total per pizza.)
  • Cover the pizza with the mozzarella cheese (approx. 2 cups per pizza).
  • Imagine the pizza as 8 triangles and cover six consecutive triangles with pepperoni. Don’t forget the hair notches.
  • For the eyes, you need two circular pieces. If you have sliced cheese, it’s easier. If you have a block of cheese, then you need to cut you thin slice from the broad side. After you have your selected slices, find a circular object of the right size and punch out the eyes. I used the lid from the spray oil can. Perfect!
  • Place the eyes just so.
  • Create your eyebrows and pupils from the black olives. Personally, I knew that my kids group wouldn’t eat the black olives, so I used black construction paper for the eyebrows and google eyes for the pupils and put those on AFTER it had cooked. And removed them BEFORE eating : )
  • For the mouth, you will need to cut out the mouth shape. This is easier with a sturdier, block of cheddar cheese, but I managed to not decimate my single slice too bad. I was able to get two mouths (one for each pizza) out of the only slice of American cheese that I had.

Kids Can Craft Object Lesson

My lesson was over how Christians are supposed to act verses how the world sees Christians. Chances are that if you ask a non-Christian what they think about Christians, then you will get some very poor descriptions. You will hear words like hypocrite, liar, abusers, etc. Not a pretty picture. They EXPECT us to be like that, because that has been the experience that they have had with non-rooted Christians.

We covered the FRUIT of the spirit—not fruitS, but one FRUIT, you have to have them all—and some other key verses like 1 Corinthians 6:9 and Proverbs 6:16, which tells us what God hates. Lying is actually listed before murder, which I find interesting.

So I asked the kids to describe to me what a pizza looks like, and of course they perfectly described what a normal pizza looks like. I said that we were going to have pizza for our snack, and then I pulled out my Angry Bird pizza. The room was filled with “oohs” and “aahhhs”. Do you see my point? Be better than what the world expects. Be the kind of Christian that makes them want a piece of what you’ve got.

When those kids are 35, they will still remember that Angry Bird pizza. But I hope they remember the lesson : )

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