Ministry Wives

Ideal minister’s wife?

Calling all bloggers/facebookers who are a minister’s wife!  “Ministry wife” doesn’t have to mean “pastor’s wife”.  Your husband could be a lay minister, a prison chaplain, a pastor, a street ministry leader, a missionary, a Bible teacher, a youth pastor, a choir director, a Sunday School director–ALL of those are ministry!

Here is a list that I have compiled of blogs or facebook pages that are UPDATED ON A REGULAR BASIS.  If you want to be added, just comment below with your facebook and/or blog.  I will add you and delete the comment when you have been added.  I am creating the “snapshots”, which takes time, but check out who I’ve got completed so far.


6 thoughts on “Ministry Wives

  1. I would love to be added to your list. My husband is a pastor, we have been married for almost 42 years.
    I have a personal facebook page and then I have a private group on facebook also. It is Song of Solomon Women, we cover Biblical aspects of marraige, submission, respect and intimacy (that is why it is private)

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  3. I tried the link for the Emily one and it wouldn’t do anything. I am a pastor’s wife with small children and am looking for help as I work through this.

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