How to Link Back to a Specific Facebook Post or Status

I believe that you should learn something new everyday. Over at the Time-Warp Wife (I think it was her.  If not, still an awesome blog!) I saw that she has her blog posts linked to her facebook status for that blog post topic so that the commenting can occur there. I thought that was fantastic! And I said, “I’m going to do that, too!” And so here I am 6 months later figuring out how to do that : ) Now you, too, can implement this great idea. It is so easy! In fact, it is so easy that I think the picture below is clear enough of an explanation. If not, please go here and comment for help : ) You can use this trick on posts from your page or anyone else’s.

Here are the written steps : )

1.  Go to the page whose post you want to link to.

2.  Find the post.

3.  Right underneath the poster’s name, you will see a statement in gray that says when this post was made.

4.  Click on that statement.  (The picture reference below says “about one hour ago”.)

5.  This will open that specific post up in a window all its own.

6.  In the address bar will be the link to that specific post.

7.  Copy that link and paste it where you would like (on your own FB, on your blog, in a document, etc.)

8.  Ask me more questions if it’s still confusing : )


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