Copywork Paper Printable Image

copywork paper image for printables

Click here to download the copywork paper printable image.

This image is formatted at 300 dpi, so it is ready for print.  Its dimensions are 7 inches by 10 inches to allow for margins in your document without interfering with the shape of the graphic.  I created this all by my little ol’ self in Photoshop.  Let me know if you have any problems with it.

You have permission to use it in whatever capacity you deem fit.  Use it to make money, use it to giveaway copywork, or use it for wallpaper!  You know, ’cause I’m cool like that.  (I’m helpy like that, hence Helpy Helper VA Services.)


FREE I am a Promise Printable Copywork

i am a promise post

As a young child, my sisters and I would stand in front of the adults at reunions and just sing our little hearts out:

I am a promise I am a possibility I am a promise with a capital “P” I am a great big bundle of potentiality And I am learnin’ to hear God’s voice And I am tryin’ to make the right choice I am a promise to be anything God wants me to be. Continue reading

Discovering Who I am in Christ Homeschool Curriculum Review

discovering who i am in christ deeper roots publication

Discovering Who I Am in Christ” is a homeschool Bible-based curriculum choice offered by Deeper Roots Publication.  It is geared toward the 7th/8th/9th grade student, but my son is a 6th grade student, and he is getting through it just fine.

My son turned 11 in April, and, while I wouldn’t say that he is going through an identity crisis, we have had a pretty topsy-turvy year with learning about who your true friends are.  When the “Discovering Who I Am in Christ” arrived, I was so encouraged to see all of the wonderful and timely topics that it covers. Continue reading