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Texas Sheet Cake

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Texas Sheet Cake:

You need a big pan–like a jelly roll pan. 15×10 or something like that. The cake will be approximately 1 inch thick but long and a lot of it. Preheat oven to 350. If you just have a 9×13, decrease the cooking temp to 325 for 30 – 40 minutes. It’s a dense cake. Continue reading


Minimalizing and Organizing My Kitchen with Thumbtacks, Magnets, and Bricks

At heart, I am a minimalist. Clutter bothers me. It makes me feel extremely distracted. Doing dishes twice a day makes me feel exhausted and like a time waster. Not having the tools I need close by for the job I’m doing frustrates me. So me and the kitchen had it out last week. A few months back, we moved out of our RV and into an empty home that a friend (and God) has blessed us with. It was fully furnished. And I’m talking down to the toothpaste. (They moved in with her mom and just left most of their stuff behind, due to her mom’s house being fully furnished.)

At first, I was so glad to have 40 plates to choose from and gobs of silverware to pluck out at a whim. Continue reading

50+ Soup Recipes

As I was looking at my poor little pantry last night, I thought, “I need to add some soups to our meal times, especially this month.”  Thankfully, Jill at Blessed Beyond a Doubt has been working her little fingers to the ham bone putting together a list of 50+ Soup Recipes.  Where to start?

Click here to find a soup that fits your style.  And she has them all organized, too, cuz she’s cool like that.


soup 50+ Soup Recipes and Challenge!