Free Blank Ebook Graphics

Free Ebook Graphics

I love to dabble with Photoshop.  I’m not a wiz, but I definitely believe in “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”  So for all of you other DIYers out there, I am sharing three blank ebook graphics. Continue reading


Creating Links within a Graphic: How to Create an Image Map with Adobe Photoshop


This tutorial will cover how to create an image map using Adobe Photoshop version CS2 on a Windows machine. However, I believe that this process is the same for all versions of Photoshop.

What is Image Mapping?

Image mapping is where you can take a single image and break it into interactive pieces, so that different areas will take the user to different websites or different pages or links within your own website. After the image map is created, a new image file and an associated html file will be created. You will upload the new image file to your website and then place the html where you want it to go, whether this is on a sidebar or within a blog post.

Get the How to Create an Image Map with Adobe Photoshop COMPLETE TUTORIAL.

My blog is built using, and unfortunately does not allow for html to be used in the header image. But I’m all set to go, incase I make that upgrade!

So, for kicks and grins, here is my header image as I wish I could display it. Move around on the graphic to see all of the “hotspots”. Click on each section to go to various places on my blog, all from one image.

How to Link Back to a Specific Facebook Post or Status

I believe that you should learn something new everyday. Over at the Time-Warp Wife (I think it was her.  If not, still an awesome blog!) I saw that she has her blog posts linked to her facebook status for that blog post topic so that the commenting can occur there. I thought that was fantastic! And I said, “I’m going to do that, too!” And so here I am 6 months later figuring out how to do that : ) Now you, too, can implement this great idea. It is so easy! In fact, it is so easy that I think the picture below is clear enough of an explanation. If not, please go here and comment for help : ) You can use this trick on posts from your page or anyone else’s.

Here are the written steps : )

1.  Go to the page whose post you want to link to.

2.  Find the post.

3.  Right underneath the poster’s name, you will see a statement in gray that says when this post was made.

4.  Click on that statement.  (The picture reference below says “about one hour ago”.)

5.  This will open that specific post up in a window all its own.

6.  In the address bar will be the link to that specific post.

7.  Copy that link and paste it where you would like (on your own FB, on your blog, in a document, etc.)

8.  Ask me more questions if it’s still confusing : )