Slim Fast’s Inappropriate Commercial

As I was bumming around Youtube, I was taken aback by Slim Fast’s latest commercial:


Two moms are pushing their babies in strollers side by side through the park.

Mom A is drinking a Slim Fast.

Mom B says:  SlimFast, huh?

Mom A says outloud:  Yeah, I want to lose the last of this baby fat.


Minimalizing and Organizing My Kitchen with Thumbtacks, Magnets, and Bricks

At heart, I am a minimalist. Clutter bothers me. It makes me feel extremely distracted. Doing dishes twice a day makes me feel exhausted and like a time waster. Not having the tools I need close by for the job I’m doing frustrates me. So me and the kitchen had it out last week. A few months back, we moved out of our RV and into an empty home that a friend (and God) has blessed us with. It was fully furnished. And I’m talking down to the toothpaste. (They moved in with her mom and just left most of their stuff behind, due to her mom’s house being fully furnished.)

At first, I was so glad to have 40 plates to choose from and gobs of silverware to pluck out at a whim. Continue reading

One Word Resolution: Helpmeet

There are several words I could have chosen for my “One Word Resolution” for 2013:







But my decision was quick and final. And, honestly, it has nothing to do with January 1, 2013. Every day, I desire to be a helpmeet to my husband. Every day, I see areas that I can improve on. After 13 years of relationship (11 married), I know what my husband enjoys and what he detests. I know by the lift of his brow, the release of his breath, the pursing of his lips, the look in his eye, his stature. Sometimes these signs show me a happy husband, a pleased husband. Sometimes they show me a frustrated man. But regardless of his mood, his love for me runs through him like a current. He lives and breathes for his family. He would die for his family. A man that seldom tells me no, who pampers me, and allows me to have my slew of off days. A man who kisses me goodbye every single morning and treats me like a lady, even when I am not acting like one. This is the man that God has molded for me.

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