Leaving on My Mind by Rusty Goodman Chord Chart

Leaving on My Mind by Rusty Goodman Chord Chart

Leaving on My Mind by Rusty Goodman Chord Chart

Leaving on My Mind by Rusty Goodman, Key of C and Chord Numbering PDF

Verse 1:

This             old             house I’m liv – ing            in            is               need –         ing     re – pairs

The win – dows   and         the shut – ters  are       let – ting                   in      the  cold, cold   air

I     say      to my – self, “I’m gon – na    fix ‘em           when      I   can get   the time”;

But    all      I’ve been    get – ting      late – ly                    is    leav – in’  on  my   mind

Verse 2:

So I            guess            I              should be            look –ing   for a   bet – ter   place            to    live

But   I       can’t  seem    to get        ex- cit –     ed       a – bout the  world  and what it can give

I couldn’t      care less      if     I  could  buy       it  all   with a   sol – I – tar – y  dime

For  what         good    would   the   world        do  me     with  leav – in’  on  my   mind


Late – ly all I’ve got is leav – in’ on my mind

Seems that’s all I’m think – in’ ‘bout      most of the time;

But soon and very – y soon I’ll leave my trou – bles far be – hind

Late – ly all I’ve got is leav – in’,   is   leav –  in’ on my mind


The Great I AM Chords and Lyrics

Even though this song was copyrighted in 1924 by Mrs. S.K. Grimes, I heard it for the first time a few months ago at church. Sis. Cheri Grissom set the words to a different rhythm and used a minor key and gave this song new life. I love it!

I have put together a simple youtube video of me singing this song set to lyrics so you will know how it sounds revamped, but I currently don’t have a piano so I just did the rhythm on my desk, lol. No music needed, really, because the words are so powerful in and of themselves. I love to pair this with other similarly-styled songs like “Sing Unto the Lord a New Song” and “Dance Like David Danced”. (I have to put my disclaimer in here that I am not a professional singer.)

Three PDF versions of the chord sheet are available. Continue reading

“All in Him” Chords and Lyrics, Hymn by George Farrow

Digital Hymn Art Printable available in our Etsy shop. All proceeds benefit our non-profit prison ministry.

This is a digital recreation of the shape-note version from a 1920 hymnal edition.  You can select to have the 8×10 ready-to-print pdf or the actual jpg file for your own resizing/printing pleasure.  This is a great gift!

Click here for a ready-to-print version of the chords and lyrics.  Song is in the original key of Ab.

All in Him

Ab                                               Ab/Eb             Db                               Ab

1.  The Mighty God is             Jesus,   the       Prince of Peace is        He

2.  Emmanuel, God                 with us,        Jehovah Lord of                   hosts,

3.  The Alpha and                   Omega,        Beginning and the              End,

4.  ‘Our God for whom we’ve            waited,’     will be the glad            refrain

Ab                                                                     Ab/Eb             Eb                  

1.  The                         Everlasting                  Father, the       King eternally,

2.  The                         omnipresent                 Spirit who       fills the universe,

3.  The                         Living Word         incarnate, the         helpless sinner’s Friend.

4.  Of                           Israel                  recreated when         Jesus comes again.

Ab                                             Ab/Eb             Db                               Ab

1.  The wonderful in               wisdom by      whom all things were made.

2.  The Advocate,       the      High Priest, the Lamb for sinners       slain,

3.  Our wisdom           and      perfection, our righteousness and       pow’r

4.  Lo! He will come   and      save us, our     King and Priest           to be,

Ab                                                                        Eb                               Ab

1.  The fullness of the Godhead in                 Jesus is                        display’d.

2.  The Author of         redemption, O            glory to            His       name!

3.  Yea, all we need is Jesus, we                     find this very               hour

4.  For in Him dwells all fullness, and            Lord of all is               He!

Ab         Ab/Eb           Ab                                                                      Eb

It’s all in Him, it’s all              in Him, The fullness of the Godhead is all in Him.

Ab         Ab/Eb              Ab                                                                      Eb       Ab
It’s all in Him, it’s all             in Him, The Mighty God is Jesus, and it’s all in Him!


apostolic, Pentecostal, oneness, church of our lord jesus christ