The Great I AM Chords and Lyrics

Even though this song was copyrighted in 1924 by Mrs. S.K. Grimes, I heard it for the first time a few months ago at church. Sis. Cheri Grissom set the words to a different rhythm and used a minor key and gave this song new life. I love it!

I have put together a simple youtube video of me singing this song set to lyrics so you will know how it sounds revamped, but I currently don’t have a piano so I just did the rhythm on my desk, lol. No music needed, really, because the words are so powerful in and of themselves. I love to pair this with other similarly-styled songs like “Sing Unto the Lord a New Song” and “Dance Like David Danced”. (I have to put my disclaimer in here that I am not a professional singer.)

Three PDF versions of the chord sheet are available.

1) The Great I Am in A minor (If you know the key of C, then you should be able to play this.)

2) The Great I Am using the chord numbering theory.  This option shows you the chords using the Roman Numeral chord numbering method, which allows for easy transposition.  (To get your own chord chart for easy transposition click here.)

3) The Great I Am lyrics only, so you can write in your own chords.

If you want more chords and lyrics, download my FREE ebook 100+ Chord Sheets for Church. or search under the Piano tab up top.

Below are the lyrics if you don’t want them for printing.

The Great I Am (written by Mrs. S.K. Grimes)

This reads like the verses in a hymnal. (Follow line 1 all the way through then start back at Line 2 and then again for Line 3.

1. God is El – o – him of all the ho – ly prophets,

2. He’s Je – ho – vah God, the coming King of glo – ry,

3. He’s the strong Ro – phi, the healing One of heaven,

1. The El shad – dai of all the seers and sages

2. He’s the true Nissi the Lord of grace and favor

3. He’s the Holy Ghost, the Spir – it pour’d from glory

1. He’s the mighty One of all the sa – cred pages

2. He is Je – sus Christ, Re- deem – er, Friend and Savior

3. He’s the sa – cred One of all the gos – pel story

All: He’s the great, He’s the great I Am


He’s the great I Am, the everlasting Father,

He’s the Prince of Peace, the great eternal Wonder,

Holy Counselor and Zion’s righteous Gov’nor,

He’s the great, He’s the great I Am.


4 thoughts on “The Great I AM Chords and Lyrics

  1. I need the words and Roman numeral notes to God will make this trial a blessing and He’s God on the mountain for my eleven year old daughter to play at church. Thanks for the book that you put together.

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