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The Praying Woman Journal

The Praying Woman Journal

The Praying Woman Journal

Kristi Baker of The Nib and Quill and I have teamed up to bring you “The Praying Woman” journal.  Kristi’s journals are handmade and use the coptic-bound style.  This journal is 5 inches x 7 inches and features 176 pages (like how a book is numbered–front and back) and a small envelope fastened up front for a special dedication or memorabilia.

Because these are handmade and Kristi will be making other journals as well, only 10 of these will be available for guaranteed pre-Christmas Day delivery.


“The Praying Woman” was birthed at a time in my family’s life earlier this year when we found ourselves homeless. It wasn’t a financial problem, but it was due to a circumstance beyond our control. We did have a roof over our head while we found a new place to live, but, still, the pain and grief surrounding the circumstances were truly overwhelming for me.

The Praying Woman

The Praying Woman Graphic

Thus, the key word for “The Praying Woman” is “Overwhelmed”.

I chose different words for different regions of her body:

“The glory and the lifter of my head” arches over “Jesus”. Her mind is centered around the word “Jesus”. Her eyes are formed from the word “meek”. Her mouth region has “pure”, “compassion”, “noble”, “kind”. In her hair is “power”.

Her arms are mostly made out of action words that can be done with our own arms: worship, serve, pray, help, give, rejoice, rest, rely.

The word “holy” is used in her hands, because we are called to lift up holy hands.

I chose “faith” in her neck, because the neck is what turns the head.

Three of my favorite songs are used in her thigh: “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” “Down on my knees is where I learned to stand” “Amazing Grace”

“Patience” is on the back part of her thigh, for it’s by sitting and waiting that we can practice patience.

The words “Shh”, “wait”, and “be still” follow.

Her feet are “Peace”, for we are instructed to shod our feet with the gospel of peace.

Her legs are “weary” from the journey.

Her torso is comprised of –“living water” for we are told that out of our bellies will flow living water –“fast” –“weak” in her shoulders. You know–from carrying the weight of the world there –“love” in its proper place –“mercy”,”sheep”, “believe” all fall in line underneath “love”

Many, many hours went into the birth of “The Praying Woman”. It truly was a birth, not only of a graphic but of a new woman taking off her old flesh and stepping more boldly into the journey that Christ has set me on.


woman praying 72coffee copy


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