Coffee Haiku Printable

A haiku for you!

Click the image to access the pdf.

I have to be inspired to write.  And I was inspired this morning.  This weekend, I wrote a short story.  Today, a haiku.

Coffee.  Warm and brown.

Joy in the morning’s silence.

I need a refill.

Then I got inspired all over again and made a 5×7 printable for you.  It will print out on an 8×11 paper with the 5×7 image in the center, ready to frame.

You may also be interested in “The Praying Woman” journal.  I did the design and did the assembly.  Beautiful work by Ms. Kristi Baker!


The Faith of a Child

Three years ago, my husband was riding his horse and the horse’s foot caught a hole and flipped over with him still on it. He had all kinds of things messed up in his shoulder, and the doctors said that he would never have full-rotation back in his arm. During a church service, a little girl (10 years old) came up and prayed for him. Actually, she went to the back of the church, because Jimmy was running the sound system. He had been worshiping but could not raise his arm all the way up. After she prayed for him, he heard a pop in his shoulder and since that day he has had no issues with his arm. Full range of motion. Now, you can still see where the bone was displaced and his shoulder still sits lower than the other one due to the damage, but he has full functionality of his arm.

I serve a mighty God!

Home of the Free because of the Brave

My husband has a motorcycle ministry called Zealots Christian Ministry, and it is a 3-piece patch MC (motorcycle club).   On 9/11, over 1 million bikers joined forces and rode up to DC to remember the fallen and to let the country know that we are still a nation of patriots.

I made this graphic to represent the female bikers.  Zealots does accept female members as long as they have their own bike (Harley not required).

home of the free because of the brave

If you know a lady biker who supports our freedom, please share this graphic with her.  If you know of a hard-core Christian biker who is looking for a club that is serious about representing Christ (no judgment, no condemnation), then share with them.

May we never lose sight of the fact that America is the home of the free because of the brave.