Attention Little Eyes

Attention Little Eyes, Little Ears, Little Feet, and Little Hands! You have got quite a weight to bear. Steer me clear of trouble; seek none out. Be on guard every minute of every day, for though my heart is on the inside, y’all are my outside. What makes it past you makes it into my heart.

Little Ears, I’m reminding you today that listening to gossip is just as bad as telling gossip.

Little Eyes, I’m reminding you today that a second glance makes for more trouble than you ever thought possible.

Little Feet, don’t let go of that lamp that is leading you on the way, the straight and narrow, stray neither to the right nor to the left. Keep yourselves shod with peace.

And Little Hands! i surely haven’t forgotten you. Oh, the damage that those little hands can do. We are called to lift up HOLY hands. Keep yourselves holy! Don’t touch anyone in anger today. Don’t push buttons that you don’t need to be pushing today. Don’t pick up things that you know better than to pick. Don’t caress people that you don’t need to be caressing today. I have found that it is difficult for you to get in trouble if you are clasped in prayer. Don’t be idle today, Little Hands.

For there are even “little”er eyes, “little”er ears, “little”er feet, and “little”er hands learning from you today and every day.


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