Slim Fast’s Inappropriate Commercial

As I was bumming around Youtube, I was taken aback by Slim Fast’s latest commercial:


Two moms are pushing their babies in strollers side by side through the park.

Mom A is drinking a Slim Fast.

Mom B says:  SlimFast, huh?

Mom A says outloud:  Yeah, I want to lose the last of this baby fat.

BUT THEN YOU HEAR THE VOICE OVER FROM HER “MIND” THAT SAYS:  And be the hottest M.I.L.F. in the neighborhood.

Then you see her strutting away, apparently visualizing some “hot” teenage boy who can’t even provide for himself, let alone a woman with a newborn.  (There is no teenage boy in the commercial.  I am just saying that is probably what she is imagining.)

Then the closing screen says:  Slim-Fast.  Get What You REALLY Want.

**End of Commercial, Beginning of Rant**

For those of you who are unaware, M.I.L.F. is an acronym for Mom I’d Like to F____.

Really, Slim-Fast?  Really?

Turns out, they have a WHOLE CAMPAIGN built around this.  Forget about being healthy.  They are not concerned about your physical health.  They are also obviously not concerned about your mental health or the health state of your family.  No child wants a mom who is a “M.I.L.F”.  Children love their mothers, regardless of weight.  I love myself, regardless of weight.  No, I’m not a “M.I.L.F.”.  But I am a woman who is respected and loved by her husband her children.  I will take that over being a M.I.L.F. any day.

Here is their Facebook page.  Please go leave a comment and let them know that you don’t want to be treated this way.  Unfortunately, there are other women on their wall that are saying that they do want to be a M.I.L.F.  How sad that they have fallen into this trap!  Don’t get into any arguments with them.  Instead, pray that they will realize their value as a woman and especially as a mom.

If you happen to be on the other side of this viewpoint, I want to encourage you to read my series on “The Joy of Being a Submissive Wife“.  As a “young woman”, I allowed myself to be mistreated, used, and abused by men.  I am thankful that God was patient with me and has molded me a husband that loves and respects me.  If you want to have a great sex life, then marry a man who loves and respects you.


4 thoughts on “Slim Fast’s Inappropriate Commercial

  1. I try to just stay away from tv and youtube as much as possible. I use youtube for music and some research. I am shocked about this as well, at least in part shocked. Part of me is not shocked by the things I see and hear, just sad and disgusted. You have a great site, God bless!

  2. That is exactly why good apostolic ministry still preaches against T.V.your better off without it. Bro. Bernard challenges ass t.v. Watchers to record for one week how many hours are spent watching t.v. And then pray or read your bible for the same amount of time the next week without watching t.v. See what God will do in your live that week. Try it!

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