You Are My Hiding Place


My eyes unclosed, and it was morning. Already, I could feel Satan’s hot breath down my neck, his forked tongue licking at my heels, baring teeth. I just got up, thinking I could persevere on my own. I have fought this battle many times. But I did not prepare. I did not shod my feet with peace. I did not outfit myself with the breastplate of righteousness to protect my heart. Instead, I made coffee. Instead, I checked my Facebook. He was there, too, waiting for me, laying another trap. Satan studies me. He knows my weaknesses and my strengths. I am a super woman, didn’t you know? You see that mole hill over there? BAM! It’s now a mountain! Do you have those superpowers, too? Thankfully, I am not so far gone that I can’t break free from this spiritual cryptonite. Once again, I seek refuge in the only army of One that can bring victory. I am not that one. I do not need to fight this battle on my own. I can not. Jesus is waiting for you to turn your battle over to Him. He is your hiding place. He has carved out a special place to store you, to cover you, to protect you. But you have to be willing to go. Go!

Listen to Selah’s You Are My Hiding Place.


One thought on “You Are My Hiding Place

  1. Love the photo. Believe it or not, although what you have written is wonderful, I needed to see the photo this morning. Thank you for pairing it with your post! I am visiting from The Modest Mom.
    Have a great Monday!

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