The Colors of My Heart

If I could see my heart through God’s eyes, what would I see?

Bruises, hurt, sadness, a willingness to serve, a desire to die to my flesh, my children’s smiles, and my husband’s imprint, for his love for me is deep, and he has branded my very core. God would see what lies beneath; yes, in fact, to the very heart of me. To me, my heart is multi-colored: black in some places long dead to me, red with life’s passions in others, purple in the hurting spots, blue in its sadness.

But if I give Him my heart, it will no longer be an assortment of these things. He can make it white as snow. It is not a one-time commitment. It is a daily choice. We have to die daily. Our flesh is good at repairing itself. God made it that way. He knows it is a struggle to, in fact, die daily. Without complete submission, you will not succeed. Some days I do not succeed.

Do your part to lift me up. Do your part to help me press on, to help me fight the good fight. I want to do the same for you. We should all do our part to crucify our flesh so that the One eternal body will be sustained! But just bear in mind that we do not need to be crucifying anyone’s flesh except our own. Don’t crucify me. That is for me alone to do. Your crucifixion of me is really just condemnation. Condemnation never brought anyone in. Only the Holy Ghost can convict. Sustain me. Sustain the Body!


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