Overwhelmed Book Release

I think so many of us have dreamed of having a work published, and yesterday that dream became a reality for a group of ladies and me.

From July 23rd – July 26th, we are offering special introductory pricing for


Overwhelmed: Hope and Help for the Financially Weary.


All of the introductory pricing applies to PDF DOWNLOADS ONLY. Click here to view all available formats.




First and foremost, we have the main book titled Overwhelmed: Hope and Help for the Financially Weary. This PDF DOWNLOAD is 217 pages, and it is packed full of information.



I can’t go any further until I thank Darlene Schacht of Time Warp Wife for notching out a piece of her very business schedule to read through the book and write a foreword for us. Over the year that I have followed her blog, she has ALWAYS responded to every question I have had and is genuine in her desire to help others. If you have not had the opportunity to equate yourself with Darlene, you are missing out!


 Section 1: Testimonies 


In Section 1: Testimonies, you will be on a roller coaster ride of emotion while each of our nine authors takes you by the hand and pulls back the curtain on what it’s like to be homeless, selfish, wracked by tragedy, foreclosure, and jobless. But also behind that curtain is grace, mercy, and deliverance! You will cry. You will smile. You will RELATE! You will have your faith renewed time and time again.


 Section 2: Financial Resources 


This section covers a myriad of topics concerning financial resources. It begins with tithing, and it winds through property taxes, credit card debt, looking at loans, income tax withholding, credit report resources, child support, help with utilities, understanding the car dealership machine, and ends with medicaid/insurance/food stamps. While not an exhaustive resource (each of those topics alone could be its own book!), it is written from an experienced standpoint and is presented in a concise and succinct manner.


Section 3: Women in Business 


Section 3 is business advice written by other women in business. Many of these are additional writers outside of our nine authors. Our goal was to provide you with as much help and as many resources as possible, and we are so thankful for the work these “extra authors” put in. Thank you, ladies!


Section 4: Home Business Guide and Resource 


Our fourth section provides a long list of work-at-home resources and also coaching on being a work-at-home-mom (or work-at-home-wife or just a work-at-home-woman). Our chapter titles include Tithing and the Home Business, Working from Home is Still Work, Home Business Opportunities, Discerning Opportunity from Distraction, The Pros and Cons of Having a Business Partner, Family Business, Maintaining Your Vision, Does Your Business Reflect Christ?, and Simple, Not Easy.


Section 5: Frugal Homemaking


Full of recipes, a menu plan, homekeeping tips, and frugal tips and ideas, this the fun section of the book.




Overwhelmed Study Guide:  Nine Weeks of Reflection (and doodles)


The Study Guide is  the companion to the main book.  It is a 23-page addition.  It features a chapter recap and a “doodling” reflection page.  Each page was graphically drawn specifically for each chapter.  Each page uses fun doodles to bring home the “journal” aspect of this study.  Additional blank “doodle” pages are available in this study guide.





Our last resource is a free gift to you.  It is the Small Group Study Leader Guide, and it gives you suggestions about how to manager a small group study guide of your own.  This is a great resource, regardless of whether or not you use it in conjunction with Overwhelmed.


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