Discovering Who I am in Christ Homeschool Curriculum Review

discovering who i am in christ deeper roots publication

Discovering Who I Am in Christ” is a homeschool Bible-based curriculum choice offered by Deeper Roots Publication.  It is geared toward the 7th/8th/9th grade student, but my son is a 6th grade student, and he is getting through it just fine.

My son turned 11 in April, and, while I wouldn’t say that he is going through an identity crisis, we have had a pretty topsy-turvy year with learning about who your true friends are.  When the “Discovering Who I Am in Christ” arrived, I was so encouraged to see all of the wonderful and timely topics that it covers.

  • Sinner or Saint?
  • A New Creation
  • Adopted
  • Precious in His Sight
  • Citizen of Heaven
  • A Sheep in His Pasture
  • A Royal Priest
  • A Branch Full of Fruit
  • Free at Last

Another aspect that I really enjoy in the study is the fact that they have a section called “Unreached People Profiles” in each lesson.  These each have a beautiful sketch that represents a member of the culture they are highlighting.  The profiles are of people from the following cultures:

  • Banjar people
  • Phuta people
  • Guizhou Yi people
  • Bhadrawahi people
  • Bedouin Arab people
  • Malu people
  • Nukak (Macu) people
  • Balinese people
  • Highlanders of PNG
  • Neighborhood people

Each lesson also includes the following:

  • memory verse
  • hand-drawn sketches relative to the material
  • in-depth questions that not only focus on the Bible but also on the student
  • artistic space (blank canvas)
  • free-style writing assignments
  • lesson review study sheet
  • specific prayers for the unreached people

We have been using Alpha Omega’s Switched on Schoolhouse for the past three years, and we wanted to change things up a bit.  I am a techie, and we have really enjoyed SOS, but we are also an “outside the box” family.  A lot of Jace’s answers don’t fit nicely in a blank in a software program.  I was about to start my search for a journaling style curriculum, and then I was blessed with an opportunity to review “Discovering Who I Am in Christ.”

What we have done is separate the book from the spine and put it into a notebook with extra paper in each lesson.  The extra paper is used for memory verse repetition writing, journaling, drawing, and just extra space for the lesson questions.  11 year-old boys’ handwriting is still a work in progress.

The student book is $19.95 and the teacher book is $28.95.  The teacher edition is spiral-bound and has extensive notes for the teacher.  This product is very, very well thought out and put together, and I gladly and highly recommend it for your homeschooling family.

I am looking forward to partying with all y’all over at Blessed Beyond a Doubt on June 25th, 2013 at 7 p.m. central time.  There is also a giveaway of “Discovering Who I Am in Christ” that will go live during the FB party.


One thought on “Discovering Who I am in Christ Homeschool Curriculum Review

  1. At the moment, I’m not a homeschooler, but if I were, this is a curriculum I would definitely check into. In fact, I’ll be recommending it to friends who are homeschoolers. As an MK, I’m especially excited to see the section on unreached peoples – I can speak from experience that the highlands of PNG are full of isolated pockets of people groups, many just waiting for missionaries to become available.

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