Living Hard for Jesus (and Bible Study)

I don’t talk about what church I go to, because I realize that there are a lot of people who think Pentecostals are wrong and crazy, lol. (And my page isn’t about being a Pentecostal, per se. I love our mixed community here. We learn by listening to each other.) That’s okay–we’re crazy about God! So many people go to football games and holler like an idiot over some stupid ball, and we go to church and praise our Jesus outloud (and at home). We may sound like idiots to some people, but it is a sweet perfume to God.

So I said all of that to say this: listen to this young man’s testimony. He has been saved for one year and oh my! what a change! His mother used to drag him to church. He was so surly. Wouldn’t talk to anyone. No smiles. Just a punk. Now he is a young man with a strong heart for God. You will hear his mother shouting praise in the background. Don’t let that turn you off! She prayed and fasted for her baby boy to find Jesus!

If you think you will be prone to judge, then please DO NOT watch this clip. No negative comments, please. If you feel like you need to leave my page because I am a Pentecostal, then you do what you feel you need to do. Ain’t no shame in my game. I lived hard for the devil, and now I live hard for Jesus!


This was my post on my FB page.  It has some great comments, so please click here to read through that thread.

As a result of that thread, I am making a one-hour Bible study available called “Into His Marvelous Light.”  It covers why we believe what we believe and backs it up using scripture–lots of it.  “Into His Marvelous Light” provides an excellent introduction to the Bible and the Christian experience.  You may explore this exciting study in the King James translation, NIV translation, or in Spanish.

But, at the end of the day, no one can educate me out of my experience.  It’s real.  I know it’s real.  Even if you don’t believe what we believe, it never hurts to educate yourself as to others’ beliefs.

Our pastor, Johnny Grissom, was not only a missionary to Columbia for several years, he was also a professor at Texas Bible College in Lufkin, TX.  If you would prefer to speak to him, he would love to speak with you about any questions that you have.  We also have all of our recorded sermons and Sunday School lessons since 2008 on our church website.  Truly some magnificent teaching there!


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