Free Blank Ebook Graphics

Free Ebook Graphics

I love to dabble with Photoshop.  I’m not a wiz, but I definitely believe in “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”  So for all of you other DIYers out there, I am sharing three blank ebook graphics.

Plain white shows some imperfections, but once your graphic is added, they are not noticeable unless you look really, really hard.

blank ebook styles copy 2blank ebook styles copy

Right-click on the graphic, and it will give you the option to save the file.  You are then free to save the blank ebook graphic and lay your own graphic onto this image.

I’m not sure what program you would use on graphics 1 and 3 to overlay your image, but in Photoshop you can start with your square/rectangular graphic then use the “perspective” function under edit–>transform to get it into place.  Graphic 2 is a frontal, so you should just be able to lay your image over the top of it.

All images are on a transparent background.

blank ebook graphic 1

blank ebook graphic 2

blank ebook graphic 3

I’m happy to help answer any questions.  Leave your question below, so others can be helped, too.  Blessings!

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