Let Go and Let God

So often we hear of throwing off the monkeys on our backs. But what happens when the roles are different and we are the monkey? What happens when we create of ourselves a captive audience for the devil?

There is a story that my pastor tells, a story that is probably told the world over because the lesson is so important and so applicable to every person.

Here is the story:

A hunter had tried and tried to catch a certain monkey. Everything had failed. So the hunter dug a hole, which was just large enough for the monkey to get his open hand inside of. The hunter then dropped a treat into the hole that the monkey could not resist. Sure enough, along came the monkey. The monkey smelled the treat and stuck his hand in the hole to retrieve it. However, his closed fist prevented him from being able to remove his hand. Unwilling to let go of his “treat”, the hunter was then able to capture the stubborn monkey.

What are you unwilling to let go of so that you may have freedom?

Unforgiveness? Hatred? Past abuses? Resentment? An affair? Thoughts of an affair? Self-righteousness?

The devil is good at hunting us. He watches us. He studies us. He will lay out just the right “treat” to capture you with. Stay pliable to God’s Word. Seek His face. Let God direct your steps. Once you step out on your own, rest assured that the devil will set a well-placed “treat” out for you. You can not survive out from under God’s protection. You will fail without Him. Open your closed fist, let go, and let God.


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