30+ Ways to Recycle Soda and Water Bottles

I am more interested in saving souls than in saving the planet, but recycling is great, and what makes it even greater is when it is FUN!

Here are some FUNtabulous ideas on what to do with those empty soda bottles. Even if you don’t drink them, there are always plenty of opportunities to scavenge them from friends and family who do.

1. Safari Animals

2. Penguins

3. Golf

4. Frog

5. Tractor

6. Piggy Bank

7. Transporter

8. Postcard Alternative

9. Hourglass

10. People

11. Discovery Bottle

12. Pool Toy

13. Stick Horse

14. Bowling

15. Rocket Booster

16. Broom

17. Pumpkin

18. Bird Feeder

19. Pumpkin Decor

20. Snow people

21. Planter

22. Sprinkler

23. Storage

24. Painting

25. Geometric Shapes

26. Another Bird Feeder

27. Flowers

28. Display

29. Cactus Garden

30. Impressions

31. Fish

32. Jellyfish

33. Rocket

34. Raft

Hope you enjoyed these innovative and creative ways to recycle that bottle!

Please share any other ideas in the comments.


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