So Simple Stew

This is a great go-to recipe that I keep on hand, and when I shared it with my church family this weekend, they all raved about it, so then I started to feel bad for not sharing it with the world : ) Now, you, too, can enjoy this so simple stew!

I enjoy this stew because:

a) it’s meatless, therefore cheap

b) it’s quick, especially if you use canned beans (no cooking necessary, until you are ready to heat it up for serving, except if you opt for making your own beans)

c) it is short on ingredients and big on taste!

d) it can be made in quantity and frozen

e) it is versatile

Ingredients (with options for each J)


1 pound of dry pinto beans cooked

OR 4 regular size cans of pinto beans, undrained.

OR you can use Ranch Style Beans here for a bit of a different flavor (Ranch Style Beans are not sold up north—just another reason to live in the South : )

OR you can use whatever beans you want : ) Except green beans. I don’t think those would go good in this : p

NOTE: if you want to rinse the canned beans to cut down on sodium, then you will need to add in 2 cups of water or broth of your choice


1 large can of diced tomatoes, undrained AND 1 regular can of Ro-tel.


whatever combination of 24 oz worth of canned, diced tomatoes you want to use. If you use crushed tomatoes, then you will have a different consistency in your stew. I don’t recommend this. Stick with a chunky tomato selection.

NOTE: if you like your food spicy, then do not drain the Ro-tel. If you just want it mildly spicy, then drain the can of Ro-tel


1 can of corn, drained

OR 1 cup of frozen corn

OR cut the kernels off of two cobs

OR 1 can of hominy


½ a white onion, diced

OR whatever color onion you want to use. If you don’t want to use onion, just skip the onion all together.

OR If you want the onion flavor, but don’t have an onion, then use 2 teaspoons of onion powder

NOTE: if you used an onion when you cooked your dry beans, then skip the onion here, unless you like a lot of onion


Tony Chachere’s – 1 Tablespoon of Tony’s Chachere’s or add to taste. This has cayenne in it, so it is spicy.

Chips—save your chip bags with the small chip pieces in them and use them for soups/stews like this one

Cheese—top with cheddar or Monterrey Jack cheese

Rice – serve over rice

Cornbread—love me some cornbread!


As stated above, there is no cooking necessary, unless you choose to make your own beans. You can literally just throw all of the ingredients into a covered dish and put it in the fridge. Dip out a cup or two when you or the kids are hungry. Repeat until gone.

Also, you can just put it straight into Ziploc bags and put these into the freezer. Thaws out quickly. NOTE: when freezing soups, lay the bags flat until frozen. Then they will be much easier to store this way.

Have extra pinto beans? Why not make your own Frito-Lay Bean Dip? Easy and much, much cheaper! Also freezeable : )

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