A satanist Finds Salvation

Today is the account of a satanist who received salvation. Yes, you read that right! Rejoice as the angels in heaven are also rejoicing for this young man! Now, let’s look at how it happened—how did a satanist find salvation?

(Note: My husband is a prison chaplain at a 3000 man maximum security prison.)

In November, I wrote “When a satanist Comes to Church: What is a satanist?“. This article was centered around a specific offender, who has since been transferred to another unit. I will refer to him as Peter throughout this article. However, before Peter left, he surrendered all of his satanic materials over to my husband and asked for a Bible. He did not make a conversion, but he did make a step in the right direction. Peter is a very intelligent man, who had been seeking Christ at one point in his life. But, like so many before him, Peter was deterred by other people’s actions. Let that be a lesson to you.

Keep your eyes on Christ and yourself. Let God deal with everyone else. I’m sure most people who sit on a church pew don’t think they will be a practicing satanist one day.

This post is going to be sharing the story of another young man–one who did make a conversion. I can not reveal any personal identification about him, but I will refer to him as Paul : )

I don’t know what Paul is in prison for, but if he’s at the Telford unit, it’s probably for murder. The Telford unit is called a 25-50 unit, because most of the offenders are 25 years of age and are doing at least 50 years to life. It is a desperate place. All of the horrible things you hear about prison are true and then some.

When Peter started attending chapel services and working in the chapel, the other Satanists joined him. Undeterred by the Christian offenders’ requests to remove them, my husband not only allowed but encouraged them to come. His response to his fellow Christians? Where else would you rather the satanists be? In all walks of life and faith, you will find people who love to debate. I would say that satanists/atheists/agnostics are chief among the debaters. They are often more studied on Christian affairs, literature, and history than most Christians are. For them, it is a matter of proof. For us, it is a matter of faith. (Hebrews Chapter 11 is called the chapter of faith. Excellent read!)

My husband teaches classes throughout the week to the Christian offenders. He teaches wonderful things about how to defend God’s word, how to be a man after God’s heart, how to be a Christian leader, etc. As a way of allowing his men to implement what they have been taught and also assisting the satanists, there was going to be a debate between the satanists group and the Christians. In an actual debate, there are certain rules of debate. Each week, there was a debate class to prep the participants. The class was held in between church services on Sundays. I am unable to attend church with my husband on Sundays, because there is no nursery at the prison : ) But my husband preaches/oversees up to 8 services on Sunday. Some of the satanists that were coming for debate class would come early and stay late. I’m sure they were attending church to gather data for their debate. But God had other plans! Praise Jesus!

The debate had to be cancelled, because Peter was the one spearheading the debate, and when he got transferred, it just fell by the wayside. But Paul kept coming to church.

My husband made it to “free-world” church late Sunday night. (Our services last more than an hour, so even if you are an hour late, there is still plenty to get there for.) Our pastor had him stand and testify. This was his testimony:

Working in the prison system, you don’t see fruit everyday, but today, I saw some fruit. A little bit before I left, a young man approached me in the chapel and said he needed to speak with me. I told him to go ahead, but he said that he wanted to speak with me privately. So, I kicked everyone out of my office and settled in to listen to this young man. You never know what to expect in prison, and I definitely wasn’t expecting him to say what he told me.

He told me that a few nights ago, he got a call from his mother’s sister. She told him that his mother was in the hospital and was not expected to make it through the night. He said that he hit his knees and prayed to God to save his mother and that God told him he heard his prayer.

The next day, he got a call that his mother was doing great, and he was coming to tell me that he is now a Christian.

Glory to God! I serve a risen Savior, a mighty and merciful God!

Mothers—don’t ever give up hope! Grandfathers, don’t ever give up hope! I get chill bumps just thinking about this most awesome testimony. You see, this young man’s grandfather was a Baptist minister. Paul was raised on a church pew, but he was deluded by other people’s actions. He was never won over to the Christian faith while he was in the world. I’m here to tell you that prison conversions do happen, and that God will hear your prayers when you fervently seek Him. His will is that none should perish! He died for this young man, just like he died for you.

And even though the other guy, Peter, is no longer under my husband’s reach, He is still under God’s reach. God has a plan for Him, too. God has a plan for all of us, if we will just submit.

I am so blessed to be a part of this ministry! Without my submission for God’s will in our lives, He would have never been able to use my husband in the way that He has and is continuing to use him. My husband and I started a non-profit prison ministry while he was still just a volunteer chaplain. If you are interested in purchasing something from our Etsy shop, 100% of all proceeds go toward this ministry. Be blessed!

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4 thoughts on “A satanist Finds Salvation

  1. What a powerful story! God reaches out to all of His children and calls them home. I’ve heard stories of Muslims and other non-Christians dreaming of Him and converting when they otherwise would never have heard the Word. He is powerful and all-knowing and holds the key to my heart 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting this blog! I found your site by accidnt while looking for the chords for “There’s Something About That Name”
    My wife and I lead worship in a small church in Redwood, Texas.
    I happened to click on the link to your home page, where I found this blog posting. Praise God! for the work you and your husband does in reaching out to these broken men.
    I’ll be continuing to pray for you. God bless you in your ministry and in your lives. I know it can’t be easy for you given the situation your husband works in. Thank you for being a faithful and obedient servant of God.

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