Frugal Frannie Tips

My husband loves to tell his friends stories of how frugal I can be. He has one friend whose wife is also frugal, so they are always telling stories that start with, “My wife is so frugal that she (fill-in-the-blank).” There was a point in our life where our existence depended on our frugality, but, hey, we made it! We have a little bit more room to breathe these days, but I will always be a Frugal Frannie.

Here are a few ways that I still pinch pennies, even when it’s a splurge.

  • Medicine – I always buy the off-brand. If you will compare active ingredients, you will find that they are exactly the same. This will save you at least $2 per bottle of off-the-shelf medicine.

  • Convenience Soda – This makes me cringe! $1.50 for a 20 oz bottle of cold soda? Tempting, I know. But here is what I like to do. You can get a whole 2-liter bottle of name-brand soda for $1.50 or less. If you are at the grocery store, no need to grab that cold soda out of that convenient fridge by the register. Go to the deli department, get a cup of ice for $0.25, and you can have several refills!
  • Milk – This may be a little too frugal for some of you, but I like to buy the gallon of whole milk, and when it gets halfway empty, I fill it up with water. I’m used to drinking 2% milk, so I can’t taste the difference. And I buy powdered milk to use in my bread baking and some sweets, if the fat content can still be upheld by using real butter.

There are some things that I do indulge on, but I can’t think of any right now : ) I’m the type of girl who forbids my husband from buying me flowers. If he just feels the pressing urge to buy me flowers, it needs to be something I can plant. I’ve got so many more tips (i.e. quirks) to share, but I don’t want to show my whole hand at once.

Note: I have never eaten an animal that we ran over. Even if it was in season. : )

This post was originally shared over at Hidden Treasures.  If you want more money saving tips, she has them categorized here.  She also has a home-based business, Sugar and Spice, to help bring her young girls into the knowledge of being a Proverbs 31 woman.


3 thoughts on “Frugal Frannie Tips

  1. I can’t say that I’ve done the water with milk thing, but we raised two kids (now 29 and 24) on a penny and a prayer. There were lots of things that they didn’t have that other kids took for granted, but we did our best and they had so much more than many other kids in the world. I often told them God doesn’t promise everything we want, but He provides everything we need. God Bless! :~)

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