It Was Me Piano Tutorial, Easter Song

This is a great song anytime of the year, but especially for Easter. It talks about when the disciples met Jesus on the road after His resurrection and how they did not recognize Him, so Jesus has to break on down for them. : )  Printable pdfs and video tutorial link at the bottom.

It Was Me


1. Their heads hung low            Their steps were slow

2. Then a Man appeared             And as he drew near

3. They said,” Sir,                Have you not heard?

4. For the one who came            In the Father’s name

1. As they walked along     that long Emmaus Road

2. He asked why are you so sad    are      things really that bad

3.          You must be a stranger     in this      town

4.          He has been cut down     they’ve laid his body     in the ground.”


As they walked and talked        He began to explain

About this Jesus                Why he came

He opened the scriptures         And began to teach

The Preacher of preachers         He began to preach

Chorus 1

1. In the wil – der – ness            The children had nothing to eat

2. When the three Hebrew children             were thrown in the flames

1. Manna from Heaven            Fell down at their feet

2. A fourth man appeared        They even called him by name

1. When they were dry and thirsty        In a foreign land

2. The      Manna, The Water,             The Man –     They’re all the same

1. Living water came forth         from a rock in the sand

2. If you’re still confused    Let me make it real plain

It was me    It was me    I’m the one you left back there at Calvary    It was me

Chorus 2

1. Who do you think hung the stars in the sky Who do you think made the day and the night

2. Who gives life to all who believe          Who do you think made the blind to see

1. Who made the flowers Who made the trees Who made the sun and the moon and the seas

2. Who made the very air that you breath     Who defeated death and won the victory

It was me    It was me    I’m the one who died for you     At Calvary    It was me

Who loved you     when no one else would    Who saved you when no one else could

It was me

The video tutorial can be found here. The first few minutes is me just playing and singing, for those of you who are visual learners. The rest of the tutorial is dedicated to explaining the scale, the chords, and where they go.

It Was Me, Chord Numbering can be found here with the Roman numeral chord system.

It Was Me in C is found here.

It Was Me with no notation copy is here.

And the 12 Major Scales sheet for easy transposition is found here.


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