The Art of Prison Language

I thought y’all might enjoy this little list of prison vocabulary that was printed in an offender-operated Texas prison newspaper. A bit of “Ministering Mondays” to follow.


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The Art of Prison Language: A Vocabulary Update

By Lance Lindsey

Lockhart Unit Reporter for The Echo (Texas Prison News)

The following is a list of phrases commonly used in today’s prison communications. This is given as a means of education: use at your own risk!

1) Beat your feet – telling someone to get lost

2) Bet that – to agree with someone; to concur

3) Everybody ain’t able – to have something going in your favor by which one could gloat over!

4) Get somewhere – telling someone to get out of your space

5) He’s got something – when someone exhibits extraordinary talents or skills

6) He smoked it – to blow an opportunity

7) I’m just saying – a warning or declaration stating the obvious

8) Kick rocks – telling that person with the big nose to get out your business

9) Knock it down – a prompting to get confirmation of facts

10) Know what I’m saying – a sly tactic for getting the person to believe what you are saying

11) Let your hair down – to stop the pretense of toughness or to go into a chill mode

12) Move around – telling an annoying person to scrame

13) Put some wind in your collar – to tell a person to just be cool

Now for the “ministering Monday” part:

When you are speaking to an unbeliever or to a new babe in Christ, take into account that they may not always be picking up what you are putting down. Don’t expect them to know the lingo. Don’t speak in words that they can not understand. You got to break it down to their level sometimes.

Peace out, fool.


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