My Husband Inspires Me

I saw the headline of a post just now, and it asked the question, “Who Inspires You?” Immediately, two words came to mind: my husband. There was no runner-up. No one even comes close. This man who has stood with me, who let me lean on him, who has leaned on me, and who has always loved me is the complete summation of inspiration.

I grin as I realize that just now as I type a song from the beginning of our love affair streams out of my phone. “Land of Plenty” by OMC. The hours we would consume with dancing, drinking, smoking, loving, talking, and laughing. Those were good times.

The hours that we later consumed with grief over two miscarriages, living together unwed out of God’s will, lost jobs, drugs, alcohol, jealousy, bitterness—those were not good times. We barely pulled through. But we held on. We survived.

We got pregnant. Again. We got married. Finally. Still rocky. We had our first child. Headed for divorce. God’s grace covering us during our dark time of humbling. But we pulled through. We got right with God. We had a second child.

More hours of our lives slipped by—changing diapers, burping babies, training dogs, paying bills, building a house, chopping wood, mowing the grass, planting and transplanting elephant ears, canna lilies, ferns, burying turtles, long walks through the solitary countryside, swimming in our very own blue wal-mart pool, hunting out of need, not out of “organic want”, processing deer and wild hog together late into the night, warming ourselves in front of the fireplace. Those were great times.

Now, we are in a different season. We are still raising our children, but they are able to clean and feed themselves for the most part. But I still pitch in every once in a while : ) However, my husband has changed. He’s not the man he used to be. He loves me more, deeper, better. He walks closer to God every day. He has more wisdom to offer now as a man of 41 than as a boy of 29. I, too, have changed. And I look forward to the change that 50 more years will bring us. I look forward to growing old with my best friend.


14 thoughts on “My Husband Inspires Me

  1. Okay. This made me grin. It is truly a blessing to have a loving, caring, dependable, God-fearing, God loving, Bible believing, ACTS 2:38 following husband. I am glad that your husband is your best friend. I will continue to pray for both of you.


  2. Wow did this speak to me. I am so glad you shared this; it was like reading about my husband and I. If we didn’t know Christ, I really think we’d be divorced now. God has changed us so much over the past 2 years (we were both saved in 2010), and although we are not perfect Christians by any stretch of the imagination, we are growing and learning. I would rather the world hear my story, know who I used to be and how God has changed me, than to hide behind shame. Yes, we did do many ungodly things when we first got together, drugs, sex outside of marriarge (we had our son before we were married) – all of things which you listed, but we aren’t those people anymore. My husband isn’t the same man either – he has changed SO much and I really do love him more as time passes. He is so full of wisdom and he is brave. He is brave because he admits his faults and knows God is using those for His purposes. We’ve learned so lessons, but really, I wouldn’t want things any other way! Thank you for sharing who you are – it really strengthens me to see testimonies like this!

  3. I read your post last night and I am truly so happy for you. I couldn’t go to bed tonight without letting you know how much I loved this. I too have a husband who is my best friend and It is truly a blessing. He is my rock and I tend to need it all the time here lately! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I

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