Racism in Christianity

In East Texas, people still look down on interracial relationships. But it’s accepted a lot more these days. Twenty years ago, the public school I attended had to be shut down over racial tension. Too many white girls dating black boys. One was too many. This small seemingly-Christian community peeled back its layers to show what really lay beneath–hatred. Love one another? Only if you’re not a white girl dating a black guy.

The ignorance that surrounds this topic should amaze me, but I’m at a point in my life where I expect most people to be ignorant concerning the roots of the hatred that consumes them. And most are “good Christians” that are bottom-dwelling in this pool of hatred. At least, they consider themselves to be “good Christians.” God doesn’t.

It has always confused me that these same people don’t mind so much if a Mexican and white marry, or if an Asian and a white marry. But they are so against blacks and whites in a relationship. It does not say anywhere in the Bible that blacks and whites should not intermarry. What it does say is to not be unequally yoked, but this is referring to a believer marrying a non-believer. The whole white supremacy ideal has always bothered me. These are the same people that think Jesus was a white man. Jesus was not WHITE! Neither was He beautiful while He was on this earth. People are so quick to believe the pictures they have grown up with, but so often these ideals do not line up with the Bible.

As with all of my ministry posts, I encourage you to read the Bible for yourself and pray for God’s direction and conviction in your life. When it’s all said and done, YOU alone are going to stand before God in that great judgment seat. YOU are responsible for the way you live your life and for what you harbor in your heart.

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A sign of a weak church is one that is all of one race. Jesus made it a point to go to those of different races and backgrounds. Why do we seclude ourselves in our own color-free bubble? If you have the true spirit of God in the church that you attend, it will draw in people of all races and backgrounds.

Each person needs to be seen for the colorless soul that dwells inside of their colored skin.

I remember an episode of “The Jeffersons” where George had to give CPR to a white man. When the white man “came to” and discovered that a black man had given him CPR, he stated that he wished he would have died instead. I only saw that episode one time as a child (maybe around 12), but it made such an impact on me. The spirit of racism is alive and well today. Satan is an old-hand at this. It’s one of his best-played cards. Was it not hatred that led Cain to slay his brother, the first Biblically-documented murder? The outward act of hatred starts within the confines the heart. Thankfully, I do not and never have understood this severe hatred that exists.

Hopefully, you are not fostering this spirit in your home or in your heart. If you are, you need to get it out!

May Galatians 3:28 be completely realized, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

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