What’s For Dinner: Sugar Free Mom’s Crock Pot Chicken and Bean Stew

I was glad to see SugarFreeMom’s recipe for Crockpot Chicken and Bean Stew spotlighted on last week’s Women Living Well’s linkup. I had been combing her site for a recipe to review, and I knew this was “The One” when I saw that delectable picture.

I’m happy to report that the stew lived up to its photo. It’s obviously much more photogenic than I. ; ) We chose a few crumbled Nacho Cheese Doritos chips for our topping. It was muy bien!

The Breakdown

*Per Serving*

Cost:  $0.66

Calories: 157

Fat Calories: 29

Total Fat: 3

Saturated Fat: 1

Cholesterol:  28

Sodium:  413

Total Carb:  20 (this is 90% from the beans)

Diet Fiber:  4

Sugar:  2

Protein:  13

This recipe renders twelve 1-cup servings, and the ingredient cost for the whole dish is $7.87, which works out to $0.66 per serving. (I have a database that I created to keep up with my groceries’ cost and nutritional value.)  

$2.00 of this cost was from the canned Swanson’s broth that I used, and $2.20 of it was from the chicken breasts that I cooked, but you savvy chefs out there know that you can buy a whole chicken for $4.50 and have 5 pounds of cooked chicken and bookoos of broth at your disposal.

I try to learn as many new things every day that I can, and this week I learned that by draining and rinsing your canned beans/hominy, you will reduce the sodium content by 40%. So the sodium’s nutritional facts above reflect draining and rinsing of your beans/hominy.

To get the full recipe and Sugar Free Mom’s insight, CLICK HERE!


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