My Top Picks From Women Living Well’s Wednesday Link Up

I love to participate in linky parties but when you come to such a large one like Women Living Well’s Wednesday Link Up, there is just no way that you can read all of them 197 at the moment, and it’s only 10:45 on Wednesday morning. The post that I submitted last week, Raising a Family of Four on $2400, generated the following traffic, just from her linkup:

Tuesday night: 26

Wednesday: 78

Thursday: 28

Friday: 21

Saturday: 23

Sunday: 11

Monday: 5

That’s a total of 192 hits, just from that one linkup. It went on to generate more traffic from my FB page and from others who shared it. I also linked up over at Growing Home and Far Above Rubies, who also have linky parties on Wednesdays, but I am specifically concentrating on Women Living Well today.

(Jacinda at Growing Home has “The Lovely Blog Directory” with multiple categories, including linky parties.  Pop on over if you have one to add.)

Since I can’t read them all, I depend on the picture and the title to decide who to click through to. The list below gives the link for the post I read and also the comment that I left on that post. I feel that most of these will resonate with you on some level. In no certain order of preference, here are my picks:

Post: Wifey Wednesday: Is Pornography the Same as Cheating?

Blog: To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

Tagline: Real Marriage. No Pretensions.

My Comment:

I grew up in a porn-free home. Even though my dad wasn’t in church, he and my mom made sure that we were careful about what we set before our eyes when it came to sexual content.

When I found out my first husband was addicted to porn, I literally couldn’t breathe. I didn’t understand. We had been married at that point for about 4 years (17 – 22), and he had hid it very well. We had sex almost every day, even though not once in 5 years was he concerned about what was going on (or rather wasn’t) on my end of things. Come to find out, his dad, a deacon, also had a porn addiction.

My now-husband also had a porn problem. His other wife BOUGHT him porn. How crazy is that? It wasn’t until he fully submitted to God that he was able to defeat that demon.

There is such a strong spirit attached to pornography, and it has nothing to do with God. It will attach itself to your children, if it is in your home. Get it out! Pray and fast it out! Whatever you need to do, do it.

Post: Balancing work and family

Blog: Hall of Fame Moms

Tagline: From One Mother to Another Who’s Juggling It All

My Comment:

This was great insight. How blessed you are (and your little girl) for both you and your husband to work from home. I also come from a background of admin asst, and had at one point wanted to open a similar business from home, but our financial situation has changed, so I no longer need to consider working at this point in time.

Post: When the “Yes” leads you to a little girl.

Blog: Rich Faith Rising

Tagline: Because Life is Poem and Love is Eternal

My Comment:

Beautifully written, poetic, and from the heart–the heart of a true servant of God.

God has placed foster parenting on my heart but the timing is not right. And he still has to prepare my husband’s heart. We recently sold our house and live in an RV to evangelize so I don’t think a foster center would give us any kids 🙂

Excited for you and her!

Post: One Year of Alzheimer’s

Blog: My Mother’s Caregiver

Tagline: An elder care roadmap & observations from the journey

My Comment:

My husband’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 65 about three years ago. It has hit her hard and it has been taxing on my husband. He is not her caregiver, but the mental strain of knowing that his mother doesn’t know him is very hard.

Also, my mother’s mother, who is 80+, has Alzheimer’s. My mom moved in with her and took care of her for three years. She is now in a nursing home but is oft-visited. She is still a sweet lady who loves to sing but doesn’t recognize her children and she is also given to bouts of stubbornness and nursing home romances. : )

Post: Kids & Restaurants: How to Dine Out With Your Toddler

Blog: The Domestic Life Stylist

Tagline: Empowering Woman to Successfully Manage Life at Home with Finesse and Style

My Comment:

Excellent tips! Especially the “be ready to call it quits”. Our children are now 9 and 4, but we very rarely went out to eat when they were little. It’s a set up for frustration, either of you or the other patrons. I know that those who do take their active toddlers with them will enjoy this list!

Post: Serving Your Kids {Without Being Child-Centered}

Blog: Joy Filled Days

Tagline: Training Children. Keeping House. Choosing Joy. Every Day.

My Comment:

I defiinitely see a lot of moms doing all the housework because it’s just easier to do that. So important to not lose the persepective that you are teaching your child. You can either teach him that someone else will clean up after him or you can teach him how to clean up after himself.

Post: Hair Tutorial: Totally Twisty Hair Rosettes

Blog Stay-at-Home Daughter

Tagline: Encouraging Biblical Femininity

My Comment:

I’m a long-hair girl and I love this!

Thank you, Courtney, for hosting an awesome linky party.  If anyone of you have a favorite that you found this week, just post it below in the comments. Be blessed!


11 thoughts on “My Top Picks From Women Living Well’s Wednesday Link Up

  1. I just wanted to say hi to my chaplain and of course to u sister. I left michael unit on the fourth and I am now home with my family thank God! It was a blessing to have u both for our Christmas service God Bless u both I am sending this from my cell I will keep in touch more when we get internet God Bless!

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