Thankful Thoughts

As I washed my daughter’s hair in the bath tonight, she laid her little head in my hand and just relaxed, trusting me to not get water in her face nor soap in her eyes. I have proven to her that she can trust me. Her face beamed such serenity and calm. I was extra careful. I am thankful that I have learned how to be gentle and worthy of trust.

Tinkertoy Helicopter

My husband has played with Tinkertoys since after dinner. That was 2 hours ago. Using pink Tinkertoys J He is still working on his catapult, but above is a picture of the helicopter he made earlier this week.  You turn a crank at the right end, and it operates the internal gear which spins the blades.  Very, very cool!  I am thankful that my husband is a genius. It makes for wonderful homeschooling and conversations. He’s also very witty.

We started watching The Cosby Show, starting with episode 1, on Netflix. It saddens me that so few homes have fathers in them. Keep in mind that women walk out on their husbands all the time. It’s not always the men that leave. I am thankful that my husband is in love with God, me, and our family. There is no place he’d rather be besides here with us.

This was our second day of doing Bible devotions in our homeschool. My 9 year old son really enjoys them. I am thankful that God humbled us 9 years ago and that we have raised our child in a home that serves the Lord.

I am thankful that we have a good dog. She is the perfect loyal and protective family dog. She helps me feel secure while my husband is at work.

I am thankful that you would spend a bit of your time here. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Thoughts

  1. And I am thankful for you! This is my first time to your blog site. For some reason, I could find you on Facebook but not in the blogosphere. So happy I found you :).

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