Low Cost, Low Carb, Low Sugar, High Protein Pizza

I know this isn’t probably what other people are posting for their New Year’s Day post, but I made this pizza last night that I found here, and I could not wait to not only tell you how most excellent it is but that it is also very LOW COST as well as low in carb, low in sugar, and HIGH in protein. This was all we had for supper, and my husband, I, and our three kids were all full! That’s because it has 35 grams of protein per serving. (Protein helps keep you full.)

I followed the basic recipe, but I in this sheet I list the exact ingredients that I used and show a Nutritional Value and break it out by cost for the whole dish and for each serving. I used 5 servings, because there are 5 of us.

What I love about this is I did NOT use any LOW FAT ingredients and it was still healthy and, of course, delicious. But, I’m not focusing on my fats. : )  Just eliminating (or substitute with chicken) the pepperoni reduces the fat 10 grams per serving without compromising the taste.  I also like this, because you can use the base crust for a variety of other dishes,  like a replacement for breadsticks.

This is also one of the recipes that I included on my list of low carb, low sugar recipes.

Here is the printable PDF, single page. Or right-click on the image, save it, and print it out that way.  Let me know if I can be of any help.  It will be a higher resolution image than what is displayed below.

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