South Beach Diet Low Carb Low Sugar Recipes

So I have been spending my Friday night composing this list of South Beach, low-carb, low-sugar recipes, gearing up for grocery shopping as soon as hubby’s check hits the bank. I actually prefer doing my Wal-mart shopping after midnight. More stockers, but less people.  I’d rather be spending my Friday night having dinner on South Beach, but thems the breaks.

This is in no way a complete list, but it will give you some ideas and suggestions to jumpstart those New Year’s weight loss resolutions. As I find new recipes, I will add them in separate posts, maybe even with a review if I happen to be so motivated. The only off-the-wall ingredient that is in some of these recipes is flax seed, and I think most Wal-marts should carry that these days. Look in the flour isle or in the rice isle. I think it’s normally in a box.

As you learn to eat healthy, you will begin to modify your favorite recipes to be healthier. Yes, it can be hard sometimes to eat healthy, but you can do it and it so, so worth it!  I chronicled My South Beach Diet Experience from two years ago earlier this week.  Now, I’m starting it again : )  Just say “No!” to the bread machine!



Appetizers/Side Dishes

This recipe has 1 Tablespoon of sugar. 1 Tablespoon spread out through all the cucumbers should be fine : )

But you can always use Splenda.

(a variation we use: put jalapenos in the center, drizzle with lime juice and olive oil,

sprinkle with Tony Cachere’s Creole Seasoning. Hubby loves these!) (Avocado Salsa for side dish)


helpful review — I used 4.5 tsp of sugar free pectin for fruit jams/jellies instead of sugar free gelatin and it worked like a charm! They held together well & were very flavorful. I’ll definitely be making these again!

Main Dish

I can’t wait to get started! Please feel free to leave links or recipes in the comments.

Be blessed!

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