How to Add Text to A Picture

It’s Christmas Eve Eve, and here is a techie tutorial showing you how to add text to a picture, so you can vamp up your blog during the holidays while the kids play with all of their new toys. Quietly, of course.

1. We are just going to use the standard free program that should already be on your computer: Paint.

Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint.

2. I love options, and I’m going to show you some options here. What you need to do is open a photo for editing. You can do this by going to your file icon and clicking open or you can hit Ctrl + the letter O.

OR you can go to Paste, hit the little drop down arrow and select Paste From.

3. So here is your picture that you’re ready to modify.

4. It already has writing on it, so let’s crop it. You have options under your selection pane, but we’re just going to stick with the boring rectangular selection for this tute.

5. Draw a rectangle around what you want to crop out. If you mess up, just click off of it or hit ESC to clear your selection. When you’re done, select Crop.

6. This will leave you with only your framed selection.

7. Now we’re ready to add text. Click on the black letter A on your toolbar.

8. Draw your box where you want to add text. This will open up a Text Tools tab. You will have an option as to whether you want the box to be opaque (solid) or transparent (clear), as well as other options like font style, size, and colors. Color 1 is the color for your text. When you draw a shape, color 1 is the outline and color 2 is the fill, if solid fill is selected.

9. Add your text. OPTION: if you need a different size other than the standard option, just click in the font size box and type it in. If you want 44 point, then type in 44.

10. I suggest adding a second text box for different words because it’s going to allow you to move the text box around and overlap or get up close to the first word if you want.

11. So now if you want to add text out to the right of the image, you need to make your photo box bigger. Just grab that little square on the far right and middle of the photo and drag to the right.

12. This will open up new space for you to add to the image. I’m going to add two squares to block in my spaces. One around the first image, and one around my new white space. Then I’m going to fill in the white space with a gray. Finally, I’m going to add some more text and a design element.

13. Here is the finished photo. This isn’t the official graphic for Pure Modesty. It’s just one I created on the fly for this tutorial.

14. Unless you want to overwrite your original image, make sure you do a Save As.

If you are interested in Pure Modesty, go check her out. She not only has a blog, but a Facebook page as well.

Here is a second tutorial on How to Download and Install Fonts for Free.


If you have any questions, please let me know. Or if you would like to know how to do something else. What else do us SAHMs have to do all day ; )


3 thoughts on “How to Add Text to A Picture

  1. You are sooo super talented! Why don’t you design blogs in your *spare* time? Thanks for the help and the plug. When I am all done I will credit you for helping me as well! Merry Christmas!

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