Panties for Christmas

As a young girl, my grandma would give my sisters and me a new package of panties for Christmas. I always thought that was so strange. But I loved my MawMaw. She made the best fried chicken and banana pudding. She never sat down to eat, too busy always taking care of others. Always a smile on her face and kind words on her lips.

Like many other MawMaws, she was born in the 20’s. She got married as a young teenager, and her husband soon left to go fight in WWII and then the Korean War. Theirs truly was a different, different world. A world that cherished new panties.

I’m 34 now, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that the importance of a new package of panties became so real to me. When you’re struggling to just put food on the table. When your husband has to go hunting, not for antlers, but for the year’s meat supply. When you only have $10 to spend at Goodwill for your kids’ Christmas. That’s when a new package of panties begins to gain esteem.

I wish I would have spent more time with MawMaw. I wish I would have soaked her memories up like a sponge. This little country woman who could pluck the strings off a guitar, fiddle, mandolin, or bass. This little country woman who raised 7 kids, making it through young motherhood, changing cloth diapers and praying, while her husband was off fighting wars. She was the praying grandma that everyone wishes they had. She had a different life before she was a grandma. She knew that it was going to take prayer. And seeing it through. She knew the importance, the joy of a new package of panties.

Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease. I miss my MawMaw. She’s in there somewhere, perhaps picnicking, playing the guitar, maybe even frying chicken. Maybe she’s replaying a Christmas in her mind when she was excited to get a new package of panties.


10 thoughts on “Panties for Christmas

  1. There’s nothing quite like the special ladies in our lives. I know. I’ve lost too many of them just over the past few years…my church mother, Aunt Mary, my grandmas, my mom, my special sisters in the Lord who were with me when my children were born…so many. I try to share special stories with my girls about these ladies so their memories won’t die, but I know it’s just a matter of time. Thanks for sharing about your grandmother.

  2. Such sweet memories of your Mawmaw to share. My Grandmother has passed now but she sure sounds a lot like your dear Mawmaw. Yes, she did buy me and my sister panties as well as the white undershirts so that we wouldn’t catch cold from the outside. She would check to see if we had them on too!
    I wish that you and your Mawmaw have a blessed time over the weekend. Hold her hand a little longer too!

  3. My mom had Alzheimers. I took care of her for 6 yrs, the last 4 yrs living with me. Such a special time together we had! It was very difficult at times, but I would do it all over again. She passed away last year and I am so sad, putting her handmade ornaments on the tree. Miss her so much. And my Grandma would send us pj’s every Christmas! We loved getting them!

  4. What a wonderful memory to share! We just had Christmas with my mom and dad and extended family this past weekend. I have two sisters, one daughter and three nieces. She still buys panties and bras for all of us. She actually bought underwear for all the son-in-laws and grandsons until a few years ago. Now they all get socks. 😉 Thanks for reminding me to appreciate that I still have her here buying us all underwear. :~)

  5. Love having those special older ladies in our lives. maybe she had few panties and wanted you all not to have to experience old, ragged ones 🙂 Thank you for your kind word!! I would like to ask you to consider linking -up your very wonderful posts on Wednesdays. I love what i see here and think it would be helpful and encouraging to many others. Thank you!

  6. My grandma believed in nice panties, too. Yearly traditions here as well. After dropping so much money on some panties just tonight, I realize the importance of gifting panties. 🙂

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