How to Download and Install New Fonts For Free

Like so many of you, I was getting tired of the same ol’, same ol’. I wanted more from life! I wanted new and exciting fonts!

The world as at our fingertips and in that world is a great website called And, yes, the fonts really are free with no spyware or yucky stuff attached. I have actually used this site for a few years, and it has been tested and found true.

Selecting A Font

1. While the site does have lots and lots of free fonts, like most sites they also allow themselves the opportunity to make moolah. The font selection that I have boxed in red are free. You can either search fonts by font name using the alphabetical row or search by font style.

2. Find a font that you like. If you want to test it out, click on Custom Preview.

3. Type in your test text.

How to Download a Font

If a saying was ever true, it was “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” This is especially true on the computer. The following is how I do this. You may have or find a better way that suits your personality. For me, I like to be in control, so I like to download the file to a specific location and do things a specific way.

I am not a MAC user, so I will only be going through the Windows download.

4. Click on Windows Download.

5. You will get a box with three choices: open, save, or save as. Click on Save As. This will give you control of where the file is stored. This is important, because you will need to go to that location to finish the install.

6. Save the file to the location of your choice. Personally, I created a “Fonts” folder, and then within that folder I created a “Zipped” folder. These files will be downloaded as “zipped” files, and you will need to extract them with a simple right-click. We’ll get to that in just a minute.

When the file is finished downloading, a bar will appear at the bottom of your browser. If you want to keep looking for different fonts, just close this window and get back to browsing and testing and downloading.

7. When you are done downloading all of the great new fonts, click on Open Folder.

Extracting Your Zipped Font Folders

8. This will bring you to the location where you saved all of your new zipped font files. Depending on how many you downloaded, you will have a folder for each downloaded font.

9. There are different zip programs out there, but I am just going to use what came with Windows 7. This will NOT extract multiple files at once. I am just going to show you how to do this on one zipped font folder at a time.

After you clicked on “Open folder”, you will be in your windows file directory screen. If your screen is a bit different than mine, it’s okay. Depending on what settings you are using, your screen will look different or similar.

The little icon that I put the small red box around will give you the option of how you want to view your files/folders. You can view them as large icons, medium size icons, or small icons. In a columnar list or in a single-file list. Lots of options here. Find the view you want.

10. Find the font folder that you want to unzip first. You will see that it actually has a little zipper on it. Right-click on the folder and select “Extract All“. This is going to give you an option of where you want the extracted files to go to.

11. For simplicity’s sake, UNCHECK “show extracted files when complete” and then select Extract. This will create an unzipped folder by the same name as the zipped folder.

12. When you have all of your files unzipped, proceed to the actual installation steps below.

How to Install a Font

13. We are going to need to go into your Control Panel, so go to Start and open your Control Panel.

14. Once inside the Control Panel, go to Appearance and Personalization, click on the words “Appearance and Personalization”.

15. Then go to Fonts. Click on the actual word “Fonts“.

16. From here, we want to stack our windows. Go to the bottom of your screen and right-click on your task bar. Click on “Show windows stacked.” This utility will use whatever windows you have open, so you may have to minimize or close some things.

17. This is what you want to end up with. It doesn’t matter which side each window is on, but here is some information you might want to store away: whatever window is active is the window that will go to the top (or left if you’re stacking side by side).

18. Once you have your screen like this or similar, you are now ready to drag and drop the extracted font files from their folder into the Fonts screen.

Double-click an UNZIPPED folder so you can see the files that are in there. NOT EVERY FILE IS GOING TO BE USED. Each folder can be different. Some may just have one file, which will be your actual font file. Some may have a text document or a picture file. We are only interested in the actual font file. The way my window is set up allows me to see the file type. As you can see here, the font “little bliss” has several different file types. We are only going to select the ones that have “font” in their file type.

I am showing my files using the “Details” view and I also have my type column turned on. To turn different columns on/off, right-click the header are for the details view and you will have lots of options to check/uncheck.

19. To select multiple files, click on the first one in the list, hold down SHIFT on your keypad, then click the last one in the list that you want. This will select everything in between.

To select multiple files that are not in order, select your first file, hold down CTRL button on your keypad, then select the other files that you want.

20. Once the files are selected, you are simply going to drag and drop them into the Fonts screen. You will see a window flash up there, showing you that they are installing, and then you are done and ready to use your fonts in your different programs.

21. Close the control panel, and go get started creating atmosphere with fonts. You may have to close and reopen your Word/Excel or whatever if they were open during this process.


3 thoughts on “How to Download and Install New Fonts For Free

  1. Thank you for this!!! Now the BIG question is how to I add it to the blog? Also do you know how I can edit a picture using my new font so I can add text to the picture?

    • Different blog platforms are going to be treated differently, so I don’t have an answer to that one. Yet. My blog here is not set up for customizing but I am going to spend some of my Christmas money on upgrading my blog. $30 for WordPress to customize CSS and fonts.

      Let me see if I can get a tutorial together today for your second question. It’s not difficult, but I think a visual tutorial for techie stuff is always the most beneficial, because a lot of people are not familiar with tech lingo. I used to be a computer instructor for Microsoft products. 🙂 In my other life…..

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