Reflecting Christ–Is Christ Sexy?

What Not To Wear or So They Say

Most of you are probably familiar with the show “What Not To Wear”. If you’re not, then, really, you’re not missing much. Unless you enjoy seeing people berated, put down, and ridiculed and then pampered into a false sense security based solely on their looks and their wardrobe.

In 2009, they ambushed the “Blossom” child-star, Mayim Bailik. Mayim is an Orthodox Jew and she does not wear pants or believe in strutting her sexuality. Here is an article that Mayim wrote about her experience.

We do not have cable in our home, so I turned to youtube, and I did find the show in 7 parts. Here is the first part to start you off.

I’m writing the post as I watch the show. I am only 7 minutes into the first part, and I am just appalled at the treatment she is receiving. Hello! She is a mom who takes her baby to the grocery store! She is not nor should she be concerned about dressing fashionably. If she is comfortable in who she is, then rock on. After all, she’s the one with the PhD in Neuro Science.

Then we move on to Mayim’s friends slamming her fashion sense. Exactly what kind of friend is that?

Next, the two hosts put Mayim in front of a mirror in one of her normal outfits, and they just start railing on her about how horrible she looks. What’s one of their answers? Wear a shorter skirt—mid-thigh!

When they bring her out to show her a replacement outfit, it’s a short sleeve shirt with a low neckline and pants. When they show her the high-heeled stripper shoe, she objects and says “It’s a little too sexy.” She is told that she needs to find her inner sex goddess. Clearly, Mayim is not and has not been happy about the way this is going, but since she is a fun, light-hearted sort, she is doing her best to get through it.

Second outfit–they immediately go to shortening the skirt again. It’s to her knees. It’s not like it’s dragging the floor. Their main goal is to get Mayim looking sexy. Apparently, a woman isn’t worth much if she’s not sexy to the whole world. It’s not enough that Mayim’s husband finds her beautiful. She has to live up to the world’s standard of beautiful.

During the showcasing of Replacement Outfit #3, Clinton, the host, holds up the shoe and calls it “sex on a platform”. Ladies, your shoes make a statement! What are your shoes saying about you?

I couldn’t take much more, and so I just skimmed through, but pretty much every time I stopped to watch a section, it was just more belittling and degrading going on. Just them continually trying to convince her to show off her body, to show that she’s not fat.

This post isn’t about Mayim or about fashion. She ended up with some cute modest clothes and some great make-up tips. By looking at recent pictures of her, she was apparently persuaded over to a bit sexier of a look. Still not up to Hollywood’s standards, but she is seen wearing lower necklines and strappier shoes in some of her outings. And, at the end of the day, it’s her choice. She is an actress, and if you want some of Hollywood’s money, you have to look how Hollywood wants you to look.

Bringing It Home

I was so disappointed in the reactions from what the show called her friends. Their only validation of her was in her looks and her hotness. “She can be a mom and be hot.” That is what is wrong with the world!

When did it become important to be hot? I’m talking to you other Christ-seeking women out there. God does not call us to be sexy, hot, fashionistas. There is nothing modest about that. It is called VANITY, and that is not from God. Yes, he wants you to brush your hair. He wants you to be clean. But I don’t hesitate to say that He is not happy about the materialism that has invaded our Christian culture.

Being in the ministry, I have an opportunity to see a lot of women from different church affiliations. If you’re in the ministry, don’t be showing off your boobs and your nicely worked-out glutes in a form fitting outfit. I don’t care how many Bible devotionals you’ve written or read on grace. The Bible has quite a bit to say about modesty and dying to flesh.

Where did we go wrong? How did our society get so off track?

I don’t want to be sexy! I make an effort to NOT look sexy. My sexiness is not for public display.

Christ was not concerned with being sexy. I want to be a reflection of Christ!



16 thoughts on “Reflecting Christ–Is Christ Sexy?

  1. Hello, there! This is my first visit to your blog, and I am so happy with what I am reading!! I love that you do a prison ministry with your husband. It has been on my mind for a while (to do something in a p.m.), but it is not yet time, I think. I congratulate you on showing how amazingly crass our world is!! I hope to be back, and may the God of our salvation bless you richly 🙂

    • Thank you so much! What great words to drift off to dream land on!

      If you want to get involved in prison ministry but don’t want to interact with the offenders just yet, the visitation center is a great place to start. It is outside of the unit and you have no contact with the offenders whatsoever. Hmmm, I see some blogging potential on that topic–ways to be involved in the prison ministry. And there are so many different aspects of being a volunteer. You can be a volunteer that just does paperwork for instance. The paperwork alone is so overwhelming for the chaplains.


  2. I’ve been struggling with my looks a lot lately, after just having a baby, It’s hard to know what’s vanity and what’s femininity. I’m trying to seek God in this time, it’s so hard when society says appearances are so important and even Christian writers are putting a huge emphasis on looks. I can’t wear makeup without cystic acne breakout and I feel so unpretty in all my clothes. It’s nice to read this post.

    • I am so glad that you found some comfort in this. With today’s society, even a real natural beauty isn’t beautiful enough. So sad. The crazy thing is that I am now more comfortable with my looks at 34 and after two babies and being 165 lbs than I was at 22, childless, and 120 lbs. My husband still thinks I’m beautiful, and he sees those stretch marks as evidence that I gave him two beautiful children.

      Yes, it is important to be healthy, but I can be healthy without exposing my hoo-hahs. : )

      Blessings to you and I pray that you continue to find comfort in the beautiful body God has given you.

  3. I found your title interesting especially since I had already been reading some posts in a vein not completely different. I have intended for a week to round up the other web addresses I had read and bring them to your attention. Just getting back to this, but here are only two I could readily remember.

    “On Femininity, Sexism, and Sensuality in the Bible”

    Merry Christmas!

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  5. First, love you blog. Such inspiration!!! Second, I saw that episode and it is the reason I no longer watch. She seemed very uncomfortable and they basically broke her down until she conformed to them instead of enhancing her already wonderful beauty. She could have found some lovely long skirts and tops and cute shoes and be done with it. WNTW turns out the “sexy” cookie cutter look all the time. And we wonder why society expects it.

    I unfortunately see this at my church. Women teetering on 4 inch heels and clothes way too tight for Sunday morning. It has literally become a runway some Sundays, one woman trying to outdo another. I try not to judge and set my own example but what is this teaching my son and all the other children? If your husband loves you, you have no reason to need to tempt anyone else. My hubby finds it quite disgusting when he sees a women like this. Sorry but just telling the truth.

  6. Very true, and I like what you say about shoes! Women don’t realize that they are wearing seductive shoes sometimes, and there is very little discernment or thought anymore. It is very sad.

  7. Men have a nature that can cause them to lust after a woman in a berka, with nothing but her eyes showing. How much more can they be tempted by tight clothing? Modesty has lost the ring of honor it once had, and has instead become a term of sneering in the world. That is okay, and the Lord will judge each person’s heart without my help, but in this house I not only wear the long skirts, I am by far more comfortable in them! When I was young and ‘free’ I tried pants… it turns out I could not even walk in them b/c I wasn’t used to my knees being trapped in stiff material! lol

    Beyond the way people dress, it is more important to note that modesty begins in the heart. A young lady may have a skirt covering all but the bottom few inches of her leg, shoes that are pretty but not slutty, and an appropriate top and still manage to behave in a sexually tempting manner to young men around her. Another lady, dressed in what I imagine would be deemed innapropriate clothing on this blog may have a heart of gold and a shame-facedness we would not guess given our quick propensity to judgment. Modesty may be reflected in clothing, but it 100% begins in the heart. ❤

  8. Amen! Thank you for this article! God is ever so good to give us the proper beauty regimen! A good book that I read on this issue, giving many God-fearing men’s opinions, is “Dressing For The Lord,” by David Cloud. I’m going to have to visit here more often!

  9. Thank you. My baby just turned 1 this month. I’m an older mom and have always struggled with {sigh} this area of the flesh. I try to dress feminine and modest, and wonder now if I’m matronly looking or whatever and having really been seeking and praying for balance. Your post is soooo spot on! Thank you for the reminder and the boost.

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