My Personal Guide to Being a Welcoming Wife

Several years ago, I attended a ladies meeting and there was an article passed around that is believed to be from Good Housekeeping Magazine from 1955. It had a list of things a good wife should and shouldn’t do. This article caught a lot of flack from the ladies at the meeting, but, honestly, I am in agreement with a good portion of the list.

My husband has worked for the prison system for 6 years. Before he was a prison chaplain, he was a field boss. Both of these are very stressful positions at Texas’ largest maximum security units. My goal is to help him de-stress when he gets home. He loves his home and his family. He sacrifices and provides and nurtures and loves us. I want to do what I can to show how much I love and appreciate him.

I don’t raise my kids like the general population thinks I should, I don’t think the way the general population does, and I’m not going to treat my husband like the general population of wives treat their husbands. Then they wonder why he left. My husband is important to me, and I revel in the joy of being a Biblically-submissive wife.

So I took the original list and edited it to be a list of things I need to accomplish to be a welcoming wife. I am not on par every day, but I always make an effort.

Now, this list just deals with being a welcoming wife. Being a good wife…well, that’s a whole ‘nother series of posts. What are some things you do to ensure your spouse feels welcomed home?

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8 thoughts on “My Personal Guide to Being a Welcoming Wife

  1. I make an effort to greet him at the door, and teach the kids to do the same. I taught the oldest to do it when she was younger, and I didn’t even need to teach the younger one, she just follows along with what we’re doing. They get so excited to see that “daddy is home!” I think it makes him feel special, and he feels a little bad now if for some reason no one makes it to the door. He definitely appreciates it.

    • Erica, isn’t nice when you can have the “trickle down” affect with your kids? Goes back to that old addage: do it right the first time! Thanks for sharing and our family can relate to yours!

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