Facebook Dinner Party with Apologia, The MOB Society, and The Better Mom

I was invited to a dinner party last night. It was no biggie that I brought my own dinner. Or even that I was sitting in my living room digesting that dinner. Because it was an FB dinner party. Cool, huh?  Even cooler because:

 I made a ton of new like-minded friends. Moms, homeschoolers,
and even some other ministers’ wives!

They had lots of giveaways!

The content was excellent!

 Who hosted this swanky party, you might ask? It was actually a joint venture.


We were ushered in for appetizers by Apologia.

Then we chowed down over at TheMOBSociety.

And the piece de’ resistance found us clucking away over at The Better Mom.

The Nitty Gritty

I went back to each FB page and clipped each question that was posted and I selected either comments that had a high number of votes or comments that I thought should have had a high number of votes and I have compiled them all right here in this very blog post for you.  I only left tags on the FB pages, incase certain people wish to remain anonymous about MIL comments and cheese balls. You, too? Bonding, I say! We BONDED!

I am going to be doing shout-outs to all of the new pages I added, so be on the lookout for your tag this week on my FB status.

The questions are in chronological order. There were tons and tons of comments, and you should really just go read all of them. Lots of great ideas and encouragement to be found.

Appetizers at Apologia’s

We have a question for you–do you feel you came to homeschooling with a whole heart for it?

Kaja — Yes, but I had to learn that homeschooling isn’t “the answer.” It’s just a really good tool to point your kids towards The Answer

Homeschool Village — no way. 4 years ago hubs asked me what I thought about homeschooling and I said, “why would I want to do THAT” ? Thankfully it was far more than I could have asked for.

Kimberlee — No. I confess, and I still struggle with this, I have a self-seeking heart towards my laziness. It’s a struggle for me to get on the ball first thing and get my kids focused. And I believe it trickles onto them. Just being honest. But I will say, my heart does grow more and more towards having a whole heart for it with each day.

The daisyhead — Yes. I was thrilled to be giving my children the freedom to learn in the way that worked best for them. Fourteen years later, I am still excited to be able to give this to all my children!

Debbie — After having done it for the passed 5 years, I don’t think I was coming with the right heart. The Lord has worked wonders in my life that has spilled over into my son’s. My husband and I are both convinced that this is exactly what the Lord wants for our lives. What a blessing that is.


Do you remember your first weeks of homeschooling? What have you learned since those early days of your homeschool journey?

Rachael McCaghren Carman — I have learned that this is not a jail sentence but an invitation for a life adventure!

Stephanie — I have learned to RELAX! 🙂

Homeschool Village — I control our schedule – it does not control me !! ~ Stef

Mo Spell — I have learned that it is a lifestyle, not a chore to be marked off my to-do list.

The Encouraging Home — Relax. Remember it is homeschool, not school at home. As a teacher before I had kids, I had a hard time getting over the school setting. So much better when I went back to the fun, informal learning we had before starting homeschooling in K/1.

As we wrap up the “first semester” of this homeschool year–any milestones or neat goals, projects, activities you’d like to share with us?


Stephanie — My kids helped build our house this summer/fall! I think that is a big milestone!

Monique — my autistic son is beginning to write legibly!

Carrie — My 12yr old took the initiative this fall and has been doing his school work without me reminding him. I check his work once a week. Plus he has been doing his piano practice without reminding as well!

Have you started a Christmas break in your homeschool? How long do you typically take off during the Christmas season?


Rachael McCaghren Carman — four weeks-but I don’t think of it as off though the kids do-it is more like a change in approach, but still rich in activities and reading. After all, we home school 27x7x365-it’s a lifestyle!

Mary — We take off the whole month of December. We also take May and August off and do school during June and July.

Now on to the Main Dish with TheMobSociety


Welcome to the party! Dinner is served! And speaking of dinner, what is YOUR favorite holiday main dish?

Mo Spell — anything I don’t have to cook. 🙂

While we’re on the subject of food, anyone else battling picky eaters? We would love to hear your tips for dealing with picky eaters, especially when eating with others at the holidays!

Musings of a Minister’s Wife — I don’t cook special for them, but they can just eat what they want from what is available or be hungry.

Kimberlee — I had heard about having a graph for the kids so that each time they TRY the food they put a check and after they have so many checks, I think it was 17, then they could truly say if they did or didn’t like it. I wish I could remember where I heard that too. And what the number was. It was a high weird number.

Christmas is less than two weeks away – are you in charge of making any food for Christmas Eve/Day or just eating it? 🙂

Janet — My mother in law hates everything I make on principal the only thing that’s appreciated is a cheese ball and I think that’s because it’s too good to ignore!

Far Above Rubies — Just eating. 😉

Bon-bons and beyond with The Better Mom
(She was dessert, lol)

If there was one word that you could use to describe your typical homeschool day, what would it be??

Amber — unpredictable

The Encouraging Home — Unpredictable and hard to stick to a routine…life on the farm makes everyday an adventure!

These Five of Mine PLUS TWO — Love! Cuz I LOVE having them with me!!!

Is there anything you do in particular that helps to simplify your homeschool day?


~Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling~ — Start with reading the Bible together as a family.

GA Peach Homeschool — Unschool 🙂

Amber — use computer based learning resources, to occupy one child while I work with the other

Michelle — Not stress out if the day doesn’t go as planned.

Apologia — start with the youngest kiddo and work up from there. best advice I’ve gotten this year! ~ Liz

Angie — My children love listening to Audio’s so we listen to one almost every day. I have found they learn ALOT this way and it takes some pressure off of me as well. We listen to a lot of Audio books as well as my audio school. Look forward to hearing more ideas.

Erin — Don’t leave the house! Try to keep outside activities to once or twice a week. Too much running around makes everything chaotic.

Has homeschooling helped you to be a better mom? Why or why not?

Laurel — Absolutely! I am forced to know my children and have the chance to woo their hearts for Christ every day!

Rachel And Nick — YES…I understand where my kid is coming from…and I can help them learn what they need for life the best way for them…as individuals….and I spend time alone with each child every day because I homechool…we cuddle and read together one on one

Jackie — This was only supposed to be for one year, just to get him caught up with his peers. That was 8 years ago. I’m having fun with my kids!

Tammy — Yes in that I am closer to my kids than if they were gone all day. also that it really helps me see who they are and has taught me to guide not try to change who they are. I do have a problem getting frustrated sometimes when they don’t “get” something as fast as I think they should.

In Closing

Whew!  Okay, so some of the giveaways were only available through midnight last night.  BUT some of them are still going on.  Lots of great giveaways to choose from.

I had a wonderful getting to actually interact with people instead of waiting on someone to read my comment, then read their follow up 2 hours later.

Thanks, ladies, for all of your hard work.  Not only at the party, but on your blogs and in your homes!


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