Homeschooling at the Park, Centripetal Force

Homeschooling is fun! As a matter of fact, a lot of our “homeschooling” is done outside of the home.


It’s done at the grocery store. See those cereal boxes, Jace? They are right at your eye level. Why are they at your eye level? Because these are the ones the store would prefer you to buy. It’s called marketing. Marketing is blah, blah, and blah.

Health and Business

The grocery store is also a great place for people study. You can show your child Person A is this body type. Person A has these things in her buggy. You can also point out the importance of attitude. How did the cashier treat you? Is that how you would want a paid employee to treat your customers? Why or why not?

It’s not the grocery store, but I love this picture, haha.

Social Responsibility

It’s done at the library. Following rules is very important. Respecting other people’s desire to have a quiet environment is important. Taking care of other people’s property (the books) is also very important.


But where would we be without physics? I am blessed to have not only a wonderful, hardworking, and loving husband but one who is also extremely intelligent and can apply that intelligence to everyday life. Last week, Jace had a little physics lesson while he and Dad played Beyblades. Those metal spinning tops are really cool. I don’t like the cartoon and we don’t watch it, but the toy itself is way cool. They’ve been redesigned since their initial appearance 5 or 6 years ago.

This past week, we went to the park. We had no intention of learning anything but sometimes the opportunity just presents itself. My daughter had brought her two Zoobles she had got at McDonald’s a while back. While Dad and Jace were off in another part of the park, Gigi and I had fun rolling Zoobles down the slides.

This is not our park, but the slide on the right is basically the covered tunnel slide we had.

There are three slides—a fully enclosed curly q style tunnel slide, an open-top curly q style slide, and a slide with one left turn in it. So on the fully enclosed tunnel slide, I start wondering “Hmmm, can I roll this Zooble UP the slide?” After a few failed attempts, my husband shows up. This is just the kind of thing he lives for! Success on the enclosed slide! One of the times was supercool because not only did he get it up the slide, it still had enough force to come out of that slide, continue in its curvature, and shoot down the slide to the left of it. I was up top and got to witness that and that was by far the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

It folds down into a ball.

Then we moved on to the open slide. We like a challenge! I was amazed–success here, too! My poor husband! He says, “You doubted me?” He still amazes me with his abilities and we’ve been together for 12 years. I love that man!

So I had to get him on video for a special post about homeschooling at the park. We took several videos where he’s a bit more polished in his explanation, but this was the best overall video because of the angle/lighting/sound etc.

Enjoy the video. It’s less than a minute. And you can hear my daughter hollering, “I want my zooble, Mama!” lol

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