Multiplication Chart

I know there are several of these out there, but this one is in a PDF format and has two pages

  • Page 1 is the full chart
  • Page 2 is a chart you can use to have your child fill in

Here is the multiplication chart in PDF.


It is essential that your child commits mulitplication to memory.  It is not beneficial for him to still be counting on his fingers when he’s 20.  I realize that some kids aren’t good at memorizing things, but if your child does not have memory problems, then make sure he gets these memorized.

Jace is now in 4th grade and is multiplying up to triple digits and working on fractions.  He’s been a bit rusty on his memory-multiplication, so this is what we have been doing:

During the course of his work, if he runs across a multiplication problem that he doesn’t know by memory, he has to fill that part in on the chart.  At the end of the day/week/month, we are able to see where he needs to improve.  We also use flash cards and if he’s struggling more on some days than others, we will run through the whole flash card deck.  We set aside the ones he missed, and he has to write down the problem and the answer.

Please let me know if you would like this in a different format.



2 thoughts on “Multiplication Chart

  1. I wish that I had this yesterday. LOL I wrote out all the multiplication factors 1 through 12. (1×1=1. 1×2=2.)
    on a white foam board for Olivia. It really made a difference today. I will be printing these handy dandy sheets for her folders tonight.
    Thanks Girl!!

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