Slow Worship Medley Three Songs in Three Keys Tutorial

Songs:  Jesus Be the Center, I Feel Jesus, and Anointing Fall On Me

This tutorial is a little bit more advanced.  I show you how to make 2nds and 4ths, as well as 7ths.  Also, I show you a couple of different bass alternatives and some different ways of using your chord inversions.

It consists of three songs and it changes key from song to song, with an explanation of how to do that and still sound good.

Of course, you could always just play all three songs in the same key.  Pick and choose which print out is right for you.

Video Tutorial with Instruction

Video Tutorial with No Instruction

Slow Worship Medley 3 Keys that match the tutorial — PDF

Slow Worship Medley Using the Chord Numbering System — PDF

Slow Worship Medley with Blanks for Transposing — PDF


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