I Give Myself Away

I don’t think I’ve blogged about this before. In any case, it’s worth saying twice, three times, a hundred. This is such a critical part of not only my testimony, but the testimony of my husband, as well. You see, God is a gentleman, and He’s not going to smooth your husband’s path into ministry unless you’re willing to go.

That alone is a great topic. I’m going to stay away from it for now, but let me leave you with this thought: God works best when the believers are all in one place and in one accord. The key word is “one”. If your husband is in ministry, are you one with him? Even if your husband isn’t in ministry, are you one with him? I pray that we as women would not focus on what our husbands are doing for us, but what we should be doing for them – PRAYING!

Whether your husband is a Christ-follower or not, it is YOUR DUTY as a Christian woman to pray for your husband.

Okay, all you women libbers calm down and let’s get back to topic: I Give Myself Away

My husband and I had been serving God diligently for 8 years. I sought after God hard. I wanted to be the one to get ushered into that secret place with God. I wanted to be shut in with God. As long as He did “x” for me, as long as He did “y” for me. I can’t say that I made any promises to God. That is such a bad, bad habit to get into. But 100% submission is such a scary thing.

I didn’t want Him to make a Job out of me.

I didn’t want to give up my house. I loved that house. It was going to be our “forever home.” For 8 years, I searched Goodwill and garage sales and Salvation Army for just the right vintage finds. Everything had its place. I didn’t want to give it up: the 100-year oak that guarded over my children, the acres and acres of beautiful pasture, the isolated dead-end road that we lived on, safe for my children to walk and ride up and down, the wild plum trees out my front door, the blackberry vines along the fence. Who would want to give that up?

Sometime around February of this year (2011), I felt an urge to purge, lol. I started cleaning out closets, getting rid of stuff, giving stuff away. I felt like we were about to be called on. This continued for a few months, and then it was time for the annual Ladies Conference in April. This is a 3-day get away full of thousands of God-seeking women. We limp into that place, crushed, bruised, broken, but we do what we came there to do—worship God Almighty, seek His face, pray for others, receive the Word. And we do not leave there disappointed. It is such a time of refreshing!

Well, I got there early for the prayer walk. The prayer walk is when women gather together the afternoon before the first service, and we literally walk around the inside of the building praying over the conference, praying for ourselves and for others. There was a lady in front of me and she was singing as she was walking and praying. She was singing a song that I hadn’t heard before.

I Give Myself Away  (click to hear the song)

It was a beautiful song. It’s a song that resonated with my soul, and she was just singing the chorus. A friend from church called me during the prayer walk, and she needed prayer because her husband had left her. I let the other ladies from our church know, and we all prayed for this situation. While we were there, my friend went on a 7-day fast for her husband and her marriage. Ladies, do I need to tell you that prayer and fasting works? This was 6 months ago, and her husband is a changed man. He came home and got right with God. He is on fire for the Lord, doing great community ministry alongside his wife and their two children, who are also in the church and on fire for God.

Why do I say “on fire for God”?

Okay, so that above story was just a little something extra, but so fitting. Let me add that fasting without praying is just starving yourself. The idea is for you to replace your meal time with prayer time. It is a SACRIFICE! Is it worth it? Is saving your marriage worth it?

So all of the services were wonderful, and I got such a blessing out of all of them. Then there was one. Anybody know what it was about? Giving yourself away. And then at the closing of the service, they sang a song. Any guesses? I Give Myself Away.

I didn’t need to be told a third time. I made my way to the altar area (I hope you have a dedicated place to pray in your church.) I was distraught before the Lord. I gave myself away! I gave my husband’s ministry and my children’s well-being up to the Lord. Whatever God required for His will to be done through me and my family, I surrendered it.

Pray that God would reveal to you any areas of your life that you are being stubborn in.

God’s will for your life is simply that you do His will. In order to do that, you have to empty yourself before Him so that He can fill you back up. He wants your all, ladies. Is your all on the altar?


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