How to Make a Wristlet or Drawstring Bag

 This tutorial will show you how to make a wristlet/drawstring bag that, when completed, is roughly 7” wide and 4.5” tall.  This is just about the perfect size for your cell phone, keys, and id/debit card.



You will need your choice of material, scissors, straight pins, suede cord (Wal-Mart — $4 for a set of 4 really long cords in different colors) or grosgrain ribbon, very large safety pin, yardstick or measuring board and fabric pencil (for measuring fabric).  You can hand sew this or use your sewing machine.


Cutting the Material


You have two options:


1.      Either use one piece of fabric that is 8” across by 12” long




2.      Use two pieces of fabric that are 8” across by 6” long (if you want to use contrasting materials)



On to the Sewing


  • Make sure your bobbin is loaded, and you have a good bit of thread left on your spool.  Straight pins should be at the ready.  Turn your stitch to overlock.



  • Overlock stitch across the top of your material and 3” down both sides.  Do this at both ends.



  • Choose which side is going to be your inside.  I just took a white crayon and made lines on the insides of my material for tutorial purposes. 



  • Fold your ends over 3/4” two times toward the inside.




  • Turn your stitch to your triple stitch.



  • Triple-straight stitch across from left to right to complete the casing.


  • Do this to either one end of each of the two pieces of fabric or to both ends of the one long piece, whichever option you chose



  • Pin your material together, wrong sides out.  The main thing is to line up your stitching on the casings.  If your material is unequal along the edges/bottom, this will adjust itself out during the overlock stitch in the next step.


  • Set your stitch back to overlock.  Run an overlock stitch around the perimeter of the bag EXCEPT FOR THE CASING.  Reinforce at each end by holding the fabric in place while it stitches.  Do not run the stitch over the open-ended hems or you won’t be able to get your cord/ribbon threaded through.



  • Set your stitch to triple-stitch.  Run triple-stitch around the perimeter of the bag EXCEPT FOR THE CASING.  Do not run the stitch over the open-ended hems or you won’t be able to get your elastic/ribbon threaded through.




Completing the Wristlet


  • You will need to cut two pieces of the suede cord or ribbon to about 17” each.  We are going to loop each piece through both casings.  But they will terminate at opposite ends.  One will knot on the right side, and one will knot on the left side.  Below is a picture of the first cord going through both casings and then being knotted (like a balloon knot, not a granny knot.)



  • Repeat with the second cord, but go in through the opposite side.


  • Turn the wristlet inside out.



  • Pull the knots in opposite directions, and it should cinch.



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