Thank you for taking time to come visit me from Pumpkin Seed Press!  As stated in my cord cover tutorial, I am envious of this special time that you have set aside for bonding, learning, and loving with your daughter.  This will have a terrific impact on both of you, and I know that this 6 month study will change you both for the better.  Enjoy each other.  Make every moment count.  You don’t get this time back.  My own daughter is only 4, and she amazes me daily with her wit, charm, and precociousness.  I never wanted a daughter, because I was such a rebellious teenager.  But God knows just what we need.  She softened parts of my heart that I never wanted softened.  She has helped me to see the world in shades of pink that I never knew possible.  She draws beautiful self-replicas and gives herself rainbow hair.  My goal in life is to help her become the woman, the wife, and the friend that God wants us all to be.

The last post I wrote two weeks ago was “Simple Salsa“.  And that was the last simple thing I’ve had in my life lately, lol.  I am on my own journey to becoming what God wants me to be — a minister’s wife, with a ministry in my own right.  My husband is now the chaplain of a maximum security prison here in Texas.  He is chaplain to 3,000+ offenders and the staff.  He is a minister to so many, but to our family especially.  There is no person on earth that I admire more than husband.  He is my heartbeat.

This new position required us to sell our “forever” home, and we are currently living in a borrowed motorhome in our new community, waiting on the closing to actually take place.  I have been told that this will happen eventually : )

I am looking forward to reading updates about your time with your daughter on PSPs FB page .

For you non-PSPers, there is a new 6 month study that is taking place for mothers and their young daughters, ages 9 and up, called B’twixt and B’tween.  It is invaluable, and if you fall into this category, pop on over and take a peek into Pumpkin Seed Press.  If the study is not right for you or a friend, I’m sure that one her books or other products will be.

P.S.–I also have a son that I love dearly!


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