Introducing Chaplain Martin

After I wrote my post on Dealing with Anxiety and Nervousness, I walked out to the mailbox, wondering what I was going to find in there today. Let me just say

God is good!

Inside was the “Restorative Justice Newsletter of Northeast Texas”, and my sweet darling husband was smiling back at me from the inside.

Now he’s smiling back at you!

 Some of the information needs a little clarification.  He did work at Coffield for 6 years but was only a field boss for four.  While he did have a calling on his life for ministry, he ran from it until 8 years ago.  Jimmy has four kids, but only the last two are from our marriage.  He hasn’t ever held an associate pastor role at our church in Athens, but has worked diligently and faithfully in many aspects of the ministry.  Inside of the prison system, there is a church body that the offenders have come together as.  They elect a pastor from amongst themselves, and Jimmy did fill the role as associate pastor to the Christian church body within the Michael unit.  But other than that, it was spot-on, lol.

And remember I was worried about not fitting in?  On the back was this:

 So I called her and introduced myself, and we talked for 45 minutes.  Some prison units have hospitality houses close to the prison so that the offender’s families that are traveling a distance to see them will have somewhere to stay.  The unit down in Palestine has one, but I haven’t had an opportunity to get involved with it.  One thing I wanted to do was to get involved with the one in my new community, so God provided!  And he gave me a new friend.  So even if no one else likes me, at least I’ll have my husband and Edna.  : )

God had heard my cry!  On the way to the mailbox I was praying for God to put me in touch with like-minded individuals.  Unfortunately, even among Christians, conservativeism is not necessarily the norm.  Even if it is, most people are too afraid to stand up and speak out for Biblical truths.

I am looking to build a community around my blog and FB page that is like-minded.  I need support!  Thank you if you have already supported me!

As a community, I welcome any thoughts or opinions, even if they are conflicting with mine.  I am wanting to learn and grow, and your insight is essential to my growth!   I have already grown so much since starting this endeavor.

I am excited about digging in and getting to work in the New Boston community!  God has made it clear several different ways that this is where He wants us.

If God be for us, then who can be against us? — Romans 8:31


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