Modern Modesty – New Fabrics for Upcoming Skirt Tutorials

I walked into Hancock Fabrics last Thursday knowing exactly the fabric I needed to complete an order.

This was not the fabric I needed when I went in, but it was the fabric that I needed when I left.  🙂

Ava Vezite for Fabric Innovations "Ivory Cost"

No information except "Copyrighted" on selvedge. But I did see this at Wal-Mart, too.

This next fabric is my favorite!  The flowers start small at the top and then get really big by the end.  Minimize me, puh-lease!

No information on this one either. Is there a rule I don't know about in the fabric industry?

So from there my husband suggested we cruise Hobby Lobby.  I have a terrific husband!  This is what we scored at Hobby Lobby:

From the selvedge -- Printed in China, 2007 Brother Sister Design Studio


This fabric!

Sew now! Sew wow! The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection 2008

 Then my heart skipped a beat when I saw this fabric.  Images of complimenting Mommy and Me skirts pulsed before my eyes.  It was like I was in the old-school Chuck E. Cheese tunnel, strobing my way into a seizure.  We are going to look so cute together!  (Who is this person, and what have you done with the real Melinda?!)

Must be same people -- no markings

The way I like to work my wardrobe is to pair solids with pattern skirts.  But I can NEVER find shirts that meet my modesty guidelines.  Even the ugly ones feel the need to reveal boobs, maybe to compensate for the ugly fabric/style?  I don’t know either.  Regardless, I found a stash of shirts on clearance at Wal-Mart that are perfect for me after about 10 minutes of modification.  I am gearing up for a tutorial on this, too.  Can’t wait!  But I have to, which means that you have to, too.

I am also preparing a tutorial for my first experience with sewing with a pattern.  My first attempt resulted in this:

Thrilled with this skirt! But it's not what I started out to make.

It was supposed to look like the pink one at bottom left below.  The tutorial will cover where I went wrong.  Hint:  measure twice, cut once.

I have also got some on-line skirt tutorials that I am going to try out, but some of them will need to be lengthened.  I will provide links back to the original posts during each tute.

Have a tute you’d like me to try?  Just leave the link in the comment below for consideration.

Sometimes, being a minister’s wife means having to make your own clothes.  Being a modest one means that you pretty much HAVE to.  I can do it!

Check out my Modern Modesty skirt tutorials for your wee ones.


2 thoughts on “Modern Modesty – New Fabrics for Upcoming Skirt Tutorials

  1. I am enjoying your enthusiasm about sewing. I never enjoyed sewing exactly, but I wanted to so badly. Sewing was more about conquering a challenge and the satisfaction of completing a project. It became cheaper for me to buy on clearance than to try to find affordable fabric to please me. I like the “notions” print the best, too.

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