How to Siphon Gas From Your Lawnmower

Now let’s not kid ourselves, ladies.  You know you have always wanted to know how to siphon gas from your lawnmower.  Well, you are in luck, because I had the privilege of learning how to do this today, so I’m going to pass this wealth of information along to you.

Being a minister’s wife involves so much more than your basic Bible study, especially when you live in a secluded paradise miles and miles from any gas station, your husband is out of town, and the needle on your gas gauge is the envy of world-renowned limbo professionals.

I had seen my husband do this a time or two, so I said to myself,

“Self, we are gonna have to get the gas out of the lawnmower.” 

Self is always at the ready for any new and exciting journey, so me and Self head for the toolshed.  I extract one purple wrench from my very own toolbag that Self and I had received for Christmas from Darling Husband.  This is his way of saying, “Stay out of my tools.  And Merry Christmas.”  All rolled into one!  Extra points for you, DH!

The wrench was necessary to unscrew the gas tank from the chassis in order to carry it over to my van.  Or so I thought.

Upon further inspection, I said, “Self, there has got to be an easier way to do this.” So we looked and sure enough, here is what we found:

  • The gas tank on this particular lawnmower is gravity-fed.  That means it is higher than the gas intake on the motor so it doesn’t require a separate pump.  It just flows via gravity down the fuel line and into the gas intake on the motor.
  • Bright idea numero dos:  detach fuel line and stick it into gas can.  See photo below.

Don’t worry.  There is no uh-oh moment.  I did lose just a little gas in the transfer, but that was to be expected.

After I filled my gas can, I was able to complete the job by adding approximately 2 gallons to my van.

But the lesson isn’t over yet.  There is just a little bit more to learn here.

The key to learning is observation, and so this is what I observed and learned.

The place where you put your gas in has a little shelf that is cupped to catch any minor spills that may occur while pumping gas, or in this case funneling gas.  There is also a little hole in the bottom of the cup to send the spills into your gas tank.

When you are done and feeling so proud of yourself, don’t forget these last important steps:

  • Retrieve the Dr. Pepper that you deftly hid from the kids last night.
  • Wash your hands.
  • After washing your hands, they will still smell like gas.  So make sure that you use tongs to put ice into your cup, or else your moment of satisfaction will taste like gas.

If any of you other women can relate, I have to insist that you leave a comment, so I don’t feel so alone way out here in my paradise with the smell of gas lingering around me.

But I don’t mind–Self and I like the smell of gas.  : )  Is it a coincidence that I am referring to myself in plural after near-huffing of gas?  I think not.

Here are my next two projects, but I’m afraid I’ll have to break out the welder and the grinder for these.  Sorry, DH!

Project One


Project Two


Do everything without complaining or arguing — Philipians 2:14


One thought on “How to Siphon Gas From Your Lawnmower

  1. Pink and purple tools…. seemed harmless enough. Now she wants a grinder and welder. Really like the chopper mower though, tempted to let her try it, except for that haunting memory of using her bike frame for shifter linkage. Back away from the Harley…..ILY Mrs. Fix-it.

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